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Real Montessori Bedrooms

Are you looking for some Montessori bedroom ideas? Here are a few Montessori home spaces that I've been enjoying!

A shared bedroom for 18mo and almost 3.5yo siblings. This looks so serene and peaceful. The low artwork is lovely.  😍

Nash's (2yrs) Montessori-style bedroom including a floor bed, forward-facing bookshelves, low chair, low shelves and everything looking ordered, child-size, and cozy. You can see more detail of the low shelves and activities here

I've been asked for more real examples of Montessori-style bedrooms for children three years+. This room looks suitable for a child at 2-4yrs+. I was recently at a friend's home and their two-year-old proudly, and independently showed me her clothes neatly packed in a chest of drawers like these, she was also in a low bed (not a floor bed). Children are capable and not all Montessori-style rooms are set up for infants (with floor beds), we can adjust the child's room to their developing needs and abilities.  

A beautiful bedroom for A at 21 months old. You can also see A's DIY wash stand here

This is a lovely example of a Montessori-style bedroom in a small two-bedroom apartment. With only two bedrooms the family needs to make the best of the space that they have and this includes having the bed and work area all in the same room. @montessori_and_play share the Montessori principles they have applied to the space here

This space is for Esme at seven weeks old. This is a space the child can grow into. The focal point here is the movement area with a wall mirror, soft rug, and mobile.

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