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Small Space? Consider using a Cleaning Caddy for Practical Life + A Cleaning Caddy for under $20?

Montessori cleaning caddy at how we Montessori under $20 (1)

If you don't have a lot of space in your home, a cleaning caddy may be a good way to store some of your children's cleaning supplies. A cleaning caddy keeps everything together and it's easy to move around the home.

Often I hear from parents concerned about the cost of Montessori. So I set myself the challenge of creating a Children's Cleaning Caddy for under $10. I took my time looking around our local stores and I found a lot of great materials like a small dustpan for $1 and an art caddy for $3, but I couldn't get under the total of $10.

This is my final caddy. How much do you think it cost?

Montessori child cleaning caddy  Australia (1)

This Children's Cleaning Caddy has a spray bottle, cleaning cloth, dustpan and brush, window squeege, extendable duster, and a sponge. 


Montessori child cleaning caddy  Australia (1)

The total was $18 AUD. It's not under $10 but it's a good price, right?

But what is the quality like, is it suitable for a child? Here Otto is using it at 3yrs.

Montessori cleaning caddy for $18 at How we Montessori

I cut the sponges in thirds to make them smaller for the child's hands. It might be a good idea to make the cleaning cloths smaller too. 

Montessori cleaning caddy at how we Montessori under $20 (1)

The spray bottle is the perfect size. We do a lot of work on our deck, so a cleaning caddy works well to take outside and clean up.

Montessori cleaning caddy for $18 at How we Montessori

The duster was a huge hit. While the price is low, the materials all work as intended. 

One dollar dustpan and brush at How we Montessori Otto three years old

Sources (all AU links):

  • Caddy - an art caddy found in the children's art and craft area. $3 at Kmart.
  • Spray Bottle - this is a 'travel' spray bottle and it is super small and easy for young hands to use. It has a capacity of 200ml and is 14cm high. I like to use a clear spray bottle where possible so the child can see how it works and how much liquid is inside. $3 at Kmart.
  • Cleaning Cloths - pack of three $2 at Kmart.
  • Dustpan and Brush - this was the smallest I could find for this price, the blade part is approximately 18cm across. $1 at Kmart. 
  • Window Squeege - $2 at The Reject Shop. 
  • Extendable Duster - I found cheaper dusters from $3.50 but the quality was super poor and not good enough to give to the child. $5 at Big W.
  • Sponge - pack of four $2 at Kmart. I've cut the sponge into thirds, with only one-third being used in the caddy. 

Total cost of the Chidlren's Cleaning Caddy is $18 AUD. All prices are correct on the day of publication and purchases were made in-store.

We could also consider including:

  • scrubbing brush
  • leaf duster
  • air freshener/room spray

I've found the most affordable way to get a Children's Cleaning Caddy is to buy all of the items individually from a few different stores. However, if you are short on time or want something quickly, here are a few options.

Montessori Cleaning Caddy

1. Montessori@Home Cleaning Set by Montessori Vero. 

2. Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set by Melissa & Doug. This has good reviews from families who have used it for real work, not just pretend play.

3. Brush and Dustpan, Lambswool Duster, and Window Washing Activity at Montessori Services. Montessori Services doesn't have a complete cleaning caddy but they have all the items you would need and could order at once such as the caddy and bits and pieces like cleaning cloths and spray bottles

4. Montessori Child's Clean Up Caddy at Montessori Miracles (via Etsy).

For more ideas, you can also read my previous post on Children's Cleaning Caddys here

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