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Learning to Fold - Starting with Montessori Folding Cloths

Montessori Folding Cloths at How we Montessori 3-6 (1)

I recently found Otto (3yrs) taking tissues out of the tissue box and folding them. Perhaps he had observed me at some point taking a tissue out, folding it, and putting it in my pocket. It was a great reminder to get out and use our Montessori Folding Cloths. Montessori Folding Cloths are available on Etsy but are also easy to DIY, we can sew the lines, or draw them. 

Otto has also been learning about halves and quarters, recently he spontaneously cut play-dough balls into halves and then quarters, so the timing is just perfect. We started with the folding cloths with just one line, folding the cloth in halves. Then we moved onto folding the cloths with two lines - folding the cloth into quarters. 

Montessori Folding cloth folding in half (2)

Folding into halves.

Montessori folding cloths  in quarters square at How we Montessori (1)

Then quarters. 

Montessori folding cloths half triangle at How we Montessori

Folding into halves.

Montessori folding cloths  triangels quarters  How we Montessori (1)

Then quarters. Young children really are capable of doing this with precision and accuracy, so give them slow and precise demonstrations and opportunities to practice. 

Folding a napkin into quarters at How we Montessori three years old (2)

We practice on square cloth napkins. Tea towels, pillowcase covers, face cloths, cleaning cloths, hand towels are also good to practice with. 

How we Montessori learning to fold a shirt

Next on to something bigger and oddly shaped. The concept is the same, bring the edges together and smooth down. First, fold the shirt in half. 

Folding a shirt at three years at How we Montessori

Then fold into quarters. 

Folding a shirt at three years at How we Montessori

And smooth over! 

Otto folding pants at How we Montessori three years old

For pants, it's the same. Folding to halves, then quarters. 

We can also show children how to fold larger things like towels and trickier things like socks. 

I love this example of children working together at Guidepost Montessori at Hampshire.

This shows how the child can create a lovely, neat stack of folded cloths. The child will gain a sense of satisfaction when seeing all the cloths line up so beautifully. 

Folding the washing at Wickham Montessori School. We can do this at home too, gather family members around and all pitch in and fold the washing together.

Some extension ideas, which I think we are ready to try!

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