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Book baskets at How we Montessori toddler preschooler (1)

My three-year-old loves listening to a story but at times he struggles to sit still. I often put together little story baskets for him so that he can play while I'm reading and still be engaged in the story, or when he reads to himself he can extend his learning or continue with the story afterwards.

The materials in our story baskets aren't specifically for the child to recreate or retell the story but rather in their own way, further explore the topics and themes. 

Above we put a child's stethoscope in the basket along with the book Hear Your Heart

Story and Explore Baskets at How we Montessori 3yrs (1)

Using model animals, model cars, things like Toobs, puppets, or found items from nature, we can create story baskets using many of our favourite children's stories. 

  1. My First Discoveries Light with a torch and light prism (AU) (similar US
  2. My First Book of Planets with model planets.
  3. This Is the Construction Worker with model diggers and construction vehicles.
  4. Pigs Early Reader with model pig and piglets.
  5. Mad Magpie (a morality tale inspired by First Nations Dreamtime story) with plush Magpie (AU).
  6. My First Discoveries The Seashore with shells and starfish.
  7. Hear Your Heart and a child's stethoscope (AU)(similar US).
  8. Helicopters on the Go with model helicopters.
  9. Caterpillar to Butterfly with model lifecycle set.
  10. Tadpole to Frog with model lifecycle set.
  11. Sharks with model sharks.
  12. Dogs with model dogs. 


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