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Practical Life Transferring Activities - In the kitchen, with Mini Tongs + Ice Tray

Real transferring activities with ice tray at how we Montessori using mini tongs at three years 2021

Today I want to share some meaningful and purposeful transferring activities using mini tongs and ice trays. Transferring with mini tongs is fantastic for developing fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Real practical life transferring using herbs at How we Montessori

Transferring herbs. If you have any leftover or excess herbs you can chop them up and freeze them in olive oil. 

Transfering with mini tongs at How we Montessori

There is a lot of transferring work here. 

Transfering with mini tongs at How we Montessori

The child uses mini tongs to transfer the herbs to the ice tray. The child also makes sure the compartments have an equal amount of herbs in them.

Transfering with mini tongs at How we Montessori

Then we fill the ice tray with olive oil and freeze. 

Frozen herbs at How we Montessori trasnferring work preschool activity

Later we can add the individual herb portions to casseroles, soups, or stock.

Freeze herbs in oil ice cube tray at how we montessori practical life tray
Transferring berries. If you have leftover, excess, or slightly squishy berries you can freeze them.

Freezing berries at How we Montessori transferring with mini tongs

The child uses the mini tongs to transfer the berries to the ice tray. The child can put an equal amount in each compartment.

Freezing fruit berries at How we Montessori pouring into ice cubes trays at three

Then cover with water and freeze. This pouring is also great for developing hand control, it's not easy for my child to do this without spilling.

Berry ice cubes at How we Montessori practical life (1)

The frozen berries can be used in smoothies, a cold glass of water, we could also add to yoghurt or cereal/oatmeal. 

How we montessori mint transferring orange juice practical life activity tray

Transferring mint to freeze with orange juice. 

Real transferring activity with mini tongs at How we Montessori

Using mini tongs the child transfers the mint to the ice tray. We used chopped mint but we could also use a whole mint leaf per compartment.

Pouring mint juice at How we Montessori tranferring activity real

Then the child fills the ice tray with freshly squeezed orange juice and puts it in the freezer. 

Frozen mint and orange juice at How we Montessori

Once frozen we can add the orange juice and mint to a glass or pitcher of water for a lovely, refreshing drink.

Pesto transferring work at How we Montessori  (1)

Transfer pesto. There are many dips, sauces, stocks that are easy to freeze. If we make too much or have excess this is easy for the child to transfer to an ice tray and freeze. We can also freeze crushed garlic or crushed ginger this way. This doesn't use mini tongs but it is still a good transferring activity for the child. 

Transferring pesto at how we Montessori

Using a simple spoon the child transfers the pesto into the ice tray. Once frozen we remove the pesto from the ice tray and put them in a freezer safe container. 

Frozen pesto at how we Montessori

These portions are not equal but it doesn't matter too much. We can defrost and use the individual portions. 

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