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Sprout Montessori wardrobe

Have you considered using the Sprout Montessori Wardrobe but haven't felt ready to make a decision? I frequently recommend the Sprout Wardrobe to families, especially those in the US. We have a lot of Sprout furniture and we have always been really happy with the size, proportions and quality. 

A child-size wardrobe allows us to store the child's clothing in a way that is accessible to the child. It allows the child to select their own clothing and also to put away their own clothing. We limit the amount of clothing accessible so the child has an age-appropriate amount of options to choose from. For some children, it can speed up getting dressed in the morning and ignite an interest in getting dressed independently. 

When my friend Valerie was looking for a solution for her toddler's clothing I immediately suggested the Sprout Wardrobe. Due to our lockdown, I haven't seen the wardrobe in person but Valerie was so kind to take some photographs and share her experience with us. Valerie's Montessori Children's Wardrobe is c/o Sprout. 

Sprout Toddler Chidlren's Wardrobe at How we Montessori

The wardrobe grows with your child. The rail and shelves are height adjustable. Later we can add the feet to the wardrobe to increase its height. Nadia pictured here is 2 years old and this is just perfect her!

Child getting dressed at two years at How we Montessori using Sprout Wardrobe (1)

Valerie tells us that Nadia is now super enthusiastic about getting dressed in the morning and is getting dressed by herself more and more;

"Having the wardrobe has made a huge difference to Nadia's independence with dressing. Whereas before I needed to instigate every dress moment by either offering or suggesting Nadia put something on and give her two options ever since it arrived she's been so excited she runs to it to get dressed. I noticed in the morning when she wakes up she sometimes goes to her wardrobe, spends a while choosing her clothes and then either puts them on herself and comes to us with a proud look on her face and a comment of "I did it myself" or brings a whole outfit, including underwear, singlet, pants, top and socks, asking for us to help. This usually gives us a few more minutes of precious sleep in time and is a very different child who before would call out from her bed for someone to come to her.

Having read much about the number of choices 2-year-olds can deal with, I've placed 3 of each item of clothing on offer in the wardrobe and that seems to work really well for Nadia, she has enough to choose from but is also not overwhelmed like she has been in the past with an adult drawer that had all of her tops for example. That's one thing that I've learnt is to meet Nadia's needs I need to offer her only a few choices and that means I still need storage space for all the other clothes of hers and rotate them so once the wardrobe clothes are in the wash I replace them with some from storage.

Overall it is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect for a 2-year-old (and beyond)."

Two year old using  Children's wardrobe at How we Montessori

On the hooks on the side of the wardrobe, Nadia has her backpack, umbrella and hats. The first (top) shelf has underwear, the second shelf has long sleeve tops, the third shelf has short sleeve tops, the fourth shelf has pants. The bottom shelf has shoes and a box with socks. Nadia's dresses are hanging up. She has a try with her necklaces just under the dresses.

Next to the wardrobe, there is a low stool that children sometimes find useful to sit on while getting dressed. There is a soft rug nearby which make it comfortable for the child who likes to sit on the floor while getting dressed. There is also a mirror behind the wardrobe so the child can check their reflection and make sure their clothing is on correctly.

It should be noted that children vary with the amount of choice they need and the amount of clothing they can be responsible for. Your child may need more or fewer clothing options in their wardrobe. 

Sprout Alba Toddler Wardrobe at How we Montessori Australia

Thank you so much to Sprout for providing the Montessori Children's Wardrobe. Thank you also to Valerie and Nadia for allowing us all into their home! 

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! 

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