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Aromon - a Montessori furniture company you need to know about + 20% discount code.


Would you like to hear about a new range of furniture designed by British architects and handcrafted from Japanese cypress? Aromon has just launched beautiful children's shelves, tables and chairs, and I think you'll love them. I have a discount code for you, at the end of this post. 


"Inspired by the Montessori education method, our furniture and bespoke spaces provide a healthy, safe environment to encourage exploration and independent play whilst stimulating the senses." - Aromon


The design of Aromon furniture is unique and so is the wood that they use. Aromon products are made from sustainably sourced Japanese cypress, Hinoki wood. Hinoki is known for its uplifting aroma, natural beauty and calming properties. When we unpacked our Aromon parcel, the first thing we noticed was the amazing fresh, forest-like scent of the Hinoki, it's truly very special. Hinoki is durable, lightweight, soft to touch and is ideal for making children's furniture. 

The scent released by the Hinoki is caused by its high concentration of phytoncides. Hinoki's phytoncides are known for having a range of health benefits including promoting relaxation and calm, relieving stress and even promoting good sleep. 

We are using a Seedling Montessori Chair c/o Aromon, in our entryway. We don't have a lot of space in our entryway so we wanted something super simple, clean and tidy looking. The Seedling Montessori Chair is minimal yet provides the perfect space to store shoes and socks, sometimes a hat and sunscreen, and also a place to comfortably sit.


The Seedling Montessori Chair comes flat packed in custom, recyclable packaging. The packaging is so lovely, it's more than suitable for gift giving. The packaging is made from recycled paper, with a 100% cotton handle and a 100% biodegradable bag to contain the distinctive, fresh Hinoki scent. The chair is easy to assemble the pieces simply slot in together. Children can help put the chair together!


The Seedling Montessori Chair is silky smooth, there are absolutely no sharp edges or rough bits. 


We could also put the Montessori Seedling Chair in the child's dressing area near their wardrobe.


This is also a good place to take off their shoes at the end of the day and put on their house shoes or slippers! 

Let's take a look at the Aromon shelves, they look amazing, the timber is so good! 

Aromon Montessori Furniture Shelving infant to primary and beyond

Aromon has a fantastic range of Shelves starting with infant shelves going right up to elementary/family options. The shelves have the option of adjustable legs. The shelves feature a magnet system making it easy to add or remove extra units. 

Aromon Montessori furniture at How we Montessori chairs table (1)

The Aromon range also includes:

Treasure Montessori Shelf - this is just so, so perfect for collecting and displaying the child's treasures. There is shelving for books or toys, a shelf for displaying items, this is also a great place to put shoes or accessories in the bedroom or in the entryway.

Rainbow Seedling Montessori Chair - is the same as our Seedling Montessori Chair but is beautifully coloured with non-toxic dyes.  How cute would this be in a reading area! ❤️📚

Growing Table and Chair Set - suitable for ages 2-8 years. The set includes 1 table, 1 chair and 8 extension legs. Growing Montessori Chairs can also be ordered individually.

Are you ready for a special discount? Aromon is offering a 20% discount for all readers using the discount code HOWWEAROMON only at Aromon, from now until October 31st 2021. Aromon ship worldwide. 

For more about Aromon products and lots of lovely design inspiration, you can follow Aromon on Instagram

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