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Beautiful Butterfly Puzzles 🦋 for 2-12yrs+

Beautiful butterfly puzzles at How we Montessori Spring activities

It's Spring (here in Australia)! It's that time of year when we are thinking about sunny days, flowers, bees and new life. Butterflies are a popular topic that we'll be looking at as well as lifecycles. Here are a few butterfly puzzles that look amazing, below you can see the ones we are using.

  1. Photographic Butterfly Puzzle (UK) - 9 pieces, recommended from 2 years+. 
  2. Australian Butterfly Jigsaw Set (AU) - 6 mini jigsaw puzzles, 3 pieces in each puzzle, the name of each butterfly is written on the puzzle. Recommended for toddlers. 
  3. Montessori Butterfly Puzzle - three-piece puzzle. 
  4. Montessori Butterfly Life Cycle Puzzle 
  5. Montessori Monarch Butterfly Nomenclature Puzzle - includes a Butterfly and Caterpillar. 
  6. Parts of a Butterfly Puzzle - six pieces
  7. Native British Butterflies Board Puzzle (UK) - includes ten Butterflies over ten Caterpillars.
  8. Australian Butterflies Wooden Puzzle (AU) - six pieces, from 3 years+. 
  9. Butterflies Educational Montessori Wooden Puzzle - includes eight Butterflies, the name of the Butterfly underneath each piece.
  10. Butterfly Life Cycle Puzzle 
  11. Thirty-six Butterflies Puzzle 100 piece (AU) - includes a chart naming each butterfly, for 5 years+.
  12. Vintage Style Butterflies 1,000 Piece Puzzle (AU here) - note this is 1,000 pieces, for older children and adults!

British Native Buttefly puzzle at How we Montessori (3)

This is a gorgeous Native British Butterflies Board Puzzle. It has small knobs which are perfect for practising the pincer grasp. It shows the Caterpillar underneath the native British Butterfly. I love the Caterpillars so much, we see many different types of Butterflies in puzzles and books, but we don't get to see the Caterpillars so much. Features the Brimstone, Large White, Swallowtail, Small tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Peacock, Common Blue, Painted Lady, Camberwell Beauty, and Comma Butterflies. 

We bought this when we were living in the UK, look below for an Australian Butterfly puzzle.

Monarch Butterfly Puzzle at How we Montessori (1)

This Montessori Monarch Butterfly Nomenclature Puzzle has been used by our family for years. It shows the Monarch Butterfly but also a Caterpillar. The puzzle base has lots of information about the Butterfly on it. These pieces are also really nice to put together on a piece of paper and trace around to draw the Butterfly! 

Butterfly puzzle at How we Montessori (2)

It's beautiful! 

Australian Butterfy Butterlies puzzle at How we Montessori (1)

I was super excited to find an Australian Butterflies Wooden Puzzle. This one doesn't have knobs but it is lovely. As you can see the puzzle has the Butterfly name next to each Butterfly which is super helpful! Most of all I love knowing we are learning about Australian Butterflies. 

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