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Creating a Spring Nature Table + Celebrating Seasons

Spring at How we Montessori

Do you have a Nature or Seasonal Table at home? A Nature or Seasonable Table is a table, a shelf, or we can use a tray, where together with our children we can create beautiful scenes and collect items from nature that reflect the rhythms of the season outside. The Nature Table enables children to touch, look at closely, smell and listen to some of the things in our natural environment. It encourages an interest in, and respect for, the natural world. We can also use our Nature Table for storytelling, exploring themes like lifecycles and simply enjoying the beauty of the season.

A Nature or Seasonal Table is one way we can observe and celebrate the seasons. In Australia some of our seasons look the same, depending on where we live, there isn't always a distinct Autumn. Although we've always felt a shift towards Spring and our Spring Nature Table is always the most fun.

We like to include a wide range of items on our Nature Table depending on what we find and what we have at hand. We like to include items from nature, items collected from nature walks, handmade items, models, poems, photographs, images or illustrations. Our nature table is always hands-on, it's designed to be touched, used and played with. In our home children and adults contribute to the nature table. 

When designing a Nature Table consider all of the child's senses. Our Nature Table evolves as the season passes and each season looks different, Winter is sparse and Spring is always our largest display.

Spring at How we Montessori

It's nice to include artwork or handmade items on the nature table. Nature is inherently beautiful and the Nature Table is designed to engage the child.

Spring at How we Montessori

We have some labels on our Nature Table. My four-year-old is really into matching and will take the model animals away and then try to match them to the correct label.

Spring at How we Montessori

We have two Spring poems to read and memorise. We can also use some of the poems from Poems & Stories to Love & Memorise.

Spring at How we Montessori

We found the nest many years ago and we carefully store it so we can use it in Spring or any time we are learning about nests, eggs or birds.

Spring at How we Montessori

I've printed some photographic images that reflect spring including blossoms, lambs, calves, foals, tadpoles, fluffy ducklings, Spring flowers and bees.

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Resources: Similar Felt Daffodil Crafting Kit, Vintage Style Sunflower Poster (AU) (this Garden Bulbs poster is a lovely alternative), Laminated Butterflies (AU) (similar US), Printed Spring Images, Small Moveable Alphabet, Wooden Mini Altar, Wooden Spring Ornament (sometimes available here AU).

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