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Do you bake often with your children? With my first child, I really had no idea how to bake with a child and I had to try really hard to make it happen. Now with my third child Otto (3yrs), we bake in some way almost every day. Sometimes he bakes alongside me on his kitchen helper at the kitchen counter. A couple of times a week I will also invite him to bake at his baking table. 

A baking table can be any low, child-size table. For a young child, we could use their weaning table. It just means the child is baking at a table their height, it means they can stand on the floor which is fantastic for children who may need (or like) the stability of standing on the floor. It's useful as it also provides some storage for our children's baking tools. 

Baking drawer at How we Montessori three year old

Most of our children's kitchen tools (like knives, peelers) are stored on our snack shelves. We keep most of our children's baking tools in the top drawer of the baking table. This drawer is usually messy but I don't mind too much, the tools all move around when you slide the drawer in and out. Our children's baking tools include:


We often have our water dispenser on this table, but at the moment it's in the little fridge. On the bottom shelf, we often have the child's mixing bowl, muffin trays, and some children's cookbooks including:


I love baking alongside my children but I also like to see them bake independently. This is the child's space.

We use a pyrex style mixing bowl which is clear, it's easy for the child to manage and see what is in it.


When the child is in their own space their confidence builds, they are more likely to take risks,  more likely to problem solve and learn!


In the kitchen, we have created a prepared environment. A learning environment that provides rich sensory experiences with auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory (taste) inputs.


Our children's baking table is from Montessori Design by Nuccia. Montessori Services has a similar table. However, any children's size table would work. Some families use a play kitchen for this purpose as it also has storage underneath.

Please note that Lovevery Play Kits (0-3ys) are now available in the UK and in Europe ❤️! All Lovevery products are c/o Lovevery and some kitchen tools are c/o Manine Montessori

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