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How we use our Read It, Build It, Write It - Chalk Board!

Montessori Read It  Write It  Build It Chalkboard Wooden board Benedykt Sylvester at how we Montessori-2


Have you seen or used Read It, Build It, Write It boards? These are not something I've seen used in a Montessori school, or designed by Maria Montessori, but they have been increasing in popularity in Montessori families and homeschools. As my preschooler is writing more and more, we decided to give it a go! I LOVE trying out new products, especially those influenced by Montessori and include hands-on multi-sensory learning. 

Overall my preschooler (4yrs) loved it. Most of all he enjoyed the first two steps of reading and building because that's where he is most confident right now. Let's see how we've used our Read It, Build It, Write It Chalkboard!

Our Read It, Write It, Built It! Chalkboard is c/o Benedykt & Sylvester.

 Read it  build it  write it  Ant at How we Montessori-2

I presented the board with a model animal, label and Alphabet Coins (this board comes with Alphabet Coins).

Read it  build it  write it boards at how we Montessori-3

The child

  1. READS the label
  2. BUILDS the word with the alphabet coins
  3. WRITES the word with the chalk!

Remember to include a cloth or duster so the child can remove or fix their writing on the chalkboard. 

Read build write sun at how we Montessori four year old

Sun. Here we've used a learning tile, a label I've printed at home and alphabet tiles. 

Read build write sun at How we Montessori chalk

My preschooler (4yrs) is still using the sandpaper letters, so his letters aren't perfectly formed. 

Read it  make it  write it Cat at How we Montessori

Cat. A model animal, printed label and here we are using our small moveable alphabet. 

Read  build  write board cat cvc at How we Montessori

With my four-year-old, we are mostly focusing on simple CVC words, unless there is a word he has asked to write. You can see how good chalk is for developing the pincer grasp. 

Read  build  write bus at how we montessori

Bus. A model vehicle, printed label and small movable alphabet. 

Read build write bus at How we Montessori

Lots of handwriting practice! 

Read it  build it  write it  mirror learn child's name moveable alphabet at How we Montessori

Here we've used a mirror (you could also use a photograph) and the child's name to practise writing their own name. Most children like mirrors so this was super fun and engaging!


Here the child is learning to write their own name. 


And can look at themselves in the mirror 💕.

Learning to write friends name sibling name at How we Montessori

Here we've used a photograph of a sibling. We could also use a photograph of a classmate, friend or other family members (perhaps cousins)  to learn their names. 

Learning to write at How we Montessori (1)

My child is desperate to learn to write the names of his brothers and constantly practices.

Mini Beast Labels and Weather Learning Tiles are parts of the Benedykt & Sylvester Premium Subscription Boxes (US & EU) (AU here). 

All Benedykt & Sylvester products are c/o Benedykt & Sylvester (some products also on Etsy here). 

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