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The Educational Benefits of Magnetic Tiles

How we montessori magnetic tiles

Do your children enjoy playing with Magnetic Tiles? We've had a small set of Magnetic Tiles for years however Otto (pictured) received another set for his fourth birthday. 🎂 He can do so much more building with this extra set, it's really opened up new ideas and new creations! 

Magnetic tiles can help to develop:

  • concentration and focus 
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • creativity
  • visual discrimination skills
  • geometry skills
  • patterning skills
  • coordination
  • independent play.

Most of all we like to use magnetic tiles for open-ended play. But I believe in getting the most out of our materials, rotating toys and presenting them in new and interesting ways. Here are a few new ways that we've been using our Magnetic Tiles.

How we montessori magnetic tiles

I printed out a few of the Magnetic Tiles Idea Cards 3D Creative Designs. With the new blocks Otto can make most of these designs, but not in the exact colours (we don't have enough tiles of each shape and colour). Otto loves robots so this 3D design card has been a hit!

How we montessori magnetic tiles

This was challenging as Otto couldn't work out how to put the robot arms on, they kept on falling off. But with some problem-solving skills, he got it eventually!! 

How we montessori magnetic tiles

What an amazing robot!

Magnetic tiles build cards hexagon matching at How we Montessori

Magnetic Tiles are fantastic for teaching geometry skills. While the child can learn these skills through playing with the tiles, we tried these Can You Build... cards. They are more intentional in teaching geometry. 

Magnetic tiles Montessori activity matching geometry skills at How we Montessori

Can you build a hexagon?

Montessori geometry cards magnetic tiles cards

A trapezoid?

Magnetic tiles geometery skills at How we Montessori trapezoid


Magnetic tile cards at How we Montessori

These cards can be used by a range of ages and can be presented individually or together! All of the Can You Build... cards are available (for free download with email sign up) at Sandbox Academy.

How we montessori magnetic tiles

Magnetic Tiles look spectacular on the light table. Here Otto followed the card to make a star! 

Star magnetic tiles at how we Montessori on fridge door (1)

How about Magnetic Tiles on the fridge door, or on the side of the washing machine, the door of the dishwasher, on the side of a metal cabinet?

Making geometric shapes on fridge at How we Montessori dinosaur matching cards

Here I've presented one card and the exact number and shape of tiles needed to make that shape. It's an invitation Otto can't resist. 🦖

The cards I've put on the fridge are a part of the Magnetic Tiles Idea Cards: 2D Creative Designs set. 

Magnetic tiles letter cards at How we Montessori

How about Magnetic Tiles to support literacy development? There are many ways to use these Lower Case Alphabet Cards.

How we montessori magnetic tiles

On the light table. Here Otto has made an 'o' but these look useful for also teaching patterning skills. 


Magnetic tiles letter basket at How we Montessori early literacy (1)

How about an 'f'. We can present the lower case alphabet cards in a basket with some Magnetic Tiles. 

Magnetic tiles literacy development at How we Montessori

This was fun and Otto was definitely interested, although I will need to rotate the letters to keep his interest.  

Learning colours with Magnetic Tiles at How we Montessori

Finally, Magnetic Tiles are fun to use when teaching colour theory.  🌈


We use a combination of the Magnetic Tiles Construction Set (AU)(c/o Modern Teaching Aids) and Connetix sets. We also use Magformers (not pictured). Magnatiles also come highly recommended. 

Our round light table is from Educating Kids (AU)(similar light table US here).

The following cards I've printed at home from Teachers Pay Teachers:

Can You Build... cards are available to download for free at Sandbox Academy (email sign up is required). 

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support!

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