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Beach & Seaside Learning Materials to Love - on Etsy

Beach seaside learning materials on Etsy at How we MontessoriFollowing yesterdays post about beach learning, I wanted to share some of the wonderful and creative learning materials regarding the seaside and ocean on Etsy.

  1. Letterbox Sea Beach Beachcomber Box - a collection of natural items from the beach. This would be fantastic for hands-on learning if you don't have access to the coastline. 
  2. Sea Creature Wooden Imaginative Play Blocks - blocks for open-ended play featuring beautiful watercolour illustrations.  
  3. By the Sea Notebook - for journaling or sketching. 
  4. Narwhal Rubber Stamp - usually I like more realistic stamps but I know my narwhal loving preschooler would adore this! 
  5. Watercolor Seashells Stickers - ocean-themed stickers in gorgeous natural colours. 
  6. Ocean Animal Wooden Flash Cards - these would be an investment but wonderful for early readers and for nature displays. 
  7. Ocean Animals Picture Matching Cards - Toddler Preschool Activity (digital download) - I love matching sets like this, these can be used with the Safari Oceans TOOB.
  8. Layers of the Ocean Stacker - this is a creative way to learn about the layers of the ocean. 
  9. Seaside Enamel Mug - I love everything by Alice Draws The Line and have several of their enamel mugs. The Seaside mug is whimsical and endearing.

Other materials that you might also enjoy:

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