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What are the best Children's Chopsticks, Training Chopsticks, and Chopstick Helpers?

Children's learner training chopsticks at how we Montessori (1)

Do your children use chopsticks? Our 4 year old loves to use chopsticks but he tends to hold them like tongs. So I've been looking for children's chopsticks or chopstick helpers that will teach him how to correctly hold the chopsticks. Let me know if you have any advice!!!

I recently watched a video of a Japanese toddler using chopsticks at 2yrs (so I know it can be done), using chopsticks can help the child to feel included if the adults and older children are using chopsticks and they can also help develop fine motor skills. We decided to try out a range of children's chopsticks and chopstick helpers to see what works best for us! 

Some things to look for:

  • Are the chopsticks held together - or does the child need to hold them together? 
  • Are they spring-assisted - will the chopsticks spring back open?
  • Do the chopsticks have finger supports?
  • Do the chopsticks have thumb support?
  • Can the supports be removed - for cleaning or once the child no longer needs them?
  • What is the length of the chopsticks - smaller chopsticks are generally easier for younger children to use.
  • Are the chopsticks for left or right-handed children? 

Our top three chopsticks and chopstick helpers are:

  1. Edison Learner Chopsticksleft-handed option here
  2. Daiso Chopstick Supports - used with Daiso kid's cutlery
  3. Marcus & Marcus Learning Chopsticks

 Edison learning kids chopsticks at How we Montessori

My top pick is the Edison Learner Chopsticks. These are the chopsticks my four-year-old likes the best, uses the most and the ones we take with us when we eat out (as far above). They are different from the others as they have three finger supports. My four-year-old also loves the penguin.

  • Are not spring-assisted but as they have three finger supports the child can easily open the chopsticks.
  • Have three-finger supports. 
  • For right-handed children. Left-handed option here
  • Chopsticks approx 13cm in length. 
  • My 4yo's favourite + easy to use. 

How we Montessori chopstick helper frog from Daiso

My second pick is the Daiso Chopstick Supports - they come in a three-pack with a yellow bear, panda and frog. The supports fit the chopsticks in our Daiso kid's cutlery (AU) set perfectly.  However, these supports don't fit with the single-use chopsticks at our local sushi bars or Japanese restaurant. So if you pick up the Daiso kid's cutlery set, give these supports a try!! 

  • Holds the chopsticks together. 
  • Spring the chopsticks apart when not being used - easier for the child to open and close. 
  • Has one finger support.

Best learning chopstick supports at How we Montessori

Marcus and Marcus children's learner chopsticks at How we Montessorijpeg

My third pick is the Marcus & Marcus Learning Chopsticks - (AU here). These are made of silicone and overall feel nicer and smoother than the others. The downside is my child can't use these well (they cross over at the tip sometimes), hopefully with a bit more practice, he'll get it.

  • Has removable finger and thumb supports.
  • For left and right-handed children. The chopsticks come with finger supports on for right-handed children, the pack also contains supports for left-handed children.
  • The animal at the top (the giraffe) is removable and spring the chopsticks open when not being used - easier for the child to open and close. 
  • Chopstick length approx 15cm when out of support. 
  • Come nicely packaged in a box, perfect for gift giving. 
  • We have the yellow Lola giraffe and it's has a nice simple minimalistic design.

Marcus marcus lola giraffe chopsticks at how we montessori

Fred Best kids chopsticks at How we Montessori

Above are the Genuine Fred Munchtime Chopsticks (AU here). These are longer than our other training chopsticks and I would recommend them for slightly older children, perhaps 5yrs+. They don't have finger supports so the children may use them like tongs rather than holding them correctly (see below). They come in really cute designs and the animal at the top moves as the child uses the chopsticks. The Unicorn's and the Dinosaur's mouths open when the children are using them.

  • Spring-assisted - the chopsticks will automatically open.
  • For left and right-handed children.  
  • Chopstick approx 15cm in length. 

Best learner training chopsticks at How we Montessori

These are fun to use as the Dinosaur's mouth open as the child uses the chopsticks

Daiso children's chopsticks at How we Montessori-2

We found that Daiso has the most in-store options. Although the chopsticks are all sealed in packages so it's hard to try them before purchasing. The Animal Training Chopsticks (AU) (US here) are cute. We have them in the panda, frog and yellow bear.

  • Not spring-assisted - this is the main downside of these chopsticks. Spring-assisted chopsticks are easier for young children to use. 
  • For right-handed children. 
  • Has removable thumb support. 
  • Has a good grip at the tips.
  • Chopstick length approx 13.5cms. 

All of our Daiso products were purchased in-store, however, not all products are listed online. 

Dino chopstick helpers for kids at How we Montessori

Daiso Dinosaur Chopstick Support. These go at the top of the chopsticks and work with the adult chopsticks we have and the single-use at our local eating places. These are small and easy to keep in your bag when eating out and can be used by older children too. They keep the chopsticks together and also help to spring them apart. 

Children's best learner starter first chopsticks at How we Montessori

These Kids Chopsticks look great but my child struggles to hold them correctly. These may be better suited to an older child.

  • Has a thumb support
  • Spring assisted - will open when not being used.
  • For right-handed children. 
  • Chopstick approx length 16 cms.

First training chopsticks at How we Montessori

DIY learner training chopsticks at how we Montessori toddler-3

DIY single-use chopsticks. This is a super simple idea that you can use anywhere single-use chopsticks are provided (with a rubber band) or using chopsticks at home. It is fabulous for older children too and can avoid awkwardness for the child who is wanting to use chopsticks but is having difficultly. Put the folded paper wrapper in between the chopsticks and then secure the chopsticks together with a rubber band, if you are eating out with sushi, often the sushi packs come with a rubber band. Found via Patchwork Cactus (full tutorial here).

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