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Montessori Rooms To Admire

Today I want to share some beautiful children's spaces. All of these have Montessori components including spaces that promote order, calm, concentration and independence.

Above is a super comfortable room that would be suitable for a crawling infant, a toddler or even a younger preschooler. From the bed, the child can easily see the forward-facing bookshelves and from there they can see the work/toy shelves. The large rug makes a soft but firm surface for crawling or sitting on. The amount of books and materials looks spot on too, often we (including me) overcrowd and overfill the children's shelves.

This room has all the elements I like to see in a child's room. It's comfortable, calm, ordered, everything that is needed by the child is accessible and it looks and feels like a loved bedroom. This is by an Australian family. 

In children's spaces PLEASE put artwork at the child's level. By doing this the child can easily see the artwork and they feel respected and catered for. By doing this you are telling the child 'this space is for you'.

This room really speaks to me, it's not specifically Montessori but it is child-centred. For me, it has the right balance of cozy, comfort, creativity, books and open-ended toys.

Double/large bed inspiration. 

A bedroom for a 4.5-year-old. I am asked frequently about bedrooms for children past the toddler stage and this is a good example. My 4-year-old is really into Lego so I like the examples shown here.

An infant space to enjoy! This child is 5 months old. Notice how there is only one activity per shelf cube. Everything here is for hands-on exploration. The wall mirror has a height adjustable pull up bar. For those who love bright colours. 🌈

A super sweet movement area for a six-month old using a Gobbi Mobile. I love it when movement areas are near windows and natural light.  For those who love natural calm colours. 

This space is lovely. An organised children's wardrobe, shelves and a low table. A low stool perhaps for the child to sit on while dressing. There are lots of open-ended toys and books to enjoy.

This area is beautiful and ordered. A child's table, chair and low shelves. This arrangement encourages the child to take work from the shelves, do the work on the table and then easily return the work to the shelves.  Trays with handles are easier for young children to carry and walk with. The artwork is cute!

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