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Does your child have their own calendar? At the start of the new year, I wanted to begin using a monthly calendar with my four-year-old. The thing is... he wasn't at all interested. Many calendars are overwhelming for young children. I decided to focus on what he is interested in and what is currently working. 

We are currently using a Day Calendar and Weather Board. These boards focus on the present day and allow children to make observations like the name of the day, weather or season. They may be more appropriate for older toddlers and preschoolers who are not ready for a full calendar.

Day Calendar and Weather Boards may contain information about the:

  • Day 
  • Month
  • Year
  • Season
  • Weather 
  • Temperature
  • Cloud Type
  • Moon Phase
  • Weekday/Weekend
  • Activity - School/Home

When using a Day Calendar and Weather Board children can learn the days of the week, become more observational about the weather and seasons. This information is useful for children learning to dress independently or pick out weather appropriate clothing. It's also helpful for children to know what days are for school or home or to anticipate the next day.

Updating the Day Calendar and Weather Board can become a part of the child's daily rhythm, it's something children can do first thing in the morning to help them prepare for the day. ❤️

We use this Plan Ahead Weather Board. My preschooler loves updating it every morning, most of all he enjoys turning the weather and day knobs. It comes with a stand and can also be mounted to the wall. 

Lovevery Montessori weather calander board (1)

This board follows the Waldorf colours of the day where each day has a corresponding colour associated with it. Waldorf (Steiner) families and teachers use these colours to help create a sense of rhythm and harmony in the child's life.

  • Monday = Purple
  • Tuesday = Red or Pink   
  • Wednesday = Yellow
  • Thursday = Orange or Brown
  • Friday = Green
  • Saturday = Blue
  • Sunday = White 

IMG_3743 2

When choosing a Day Calendar and Weather Board I look for beauty and simplicity. I would avoid using Daily Charts or Calendars that are too busy and overstimulating, some contain a clock, which may be too much for some children.

Our Plan Ahead Weather Board is c/o Lovevery. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support! 

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