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Fun Story Baskets - for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Story baskets and trays at How we Montessori toddler to preschooler

As you may remember we like to use story baskets (or trays). We don't retell the entire story through puppets or props but I like to add a few things to make the storytelling fun, to hold the child's attention and to further the child's learning. Often my preschooler will use these baskets and trays independently. He will flip through the book and then engage with the materials.

Story baskets (or trays) can:

  • Give the child something to hold while reading.
  • Enhance the read-aloud/storytime experience.
  • Stimulate and provide further ideas for exploration, discovery and learning.
  • Expose the child to real materials that are relevant to the story or the topics contained in the book.

Some of our recent story baskets include:

  1. Whose Bones + Animal X-Rays - this is the board book Whose Bones, but we also have the larger hardcover Whose Bones. The book and x-rays are useful for teaching children about the skeletons of animals.  We read the book together or independently and then look through the x-rays and guess which animal they belong to. 
  2. Making Faces + Child Safe Mirror - Making Faces is an excellent book for toddlers and preschoolers. It teaches children about facial expressions and emotions. The book has a mirror at the back but it's fun to match it with a mirror for the child to use throughout. 
  3. The Way of the Weedy Seadragon + Model Weedy Seadragon - Seadragons are interesting and mysterious creatures. As we haven't seen one in person, it's nice to have a model Seadragon for the child to study while reading. 
  4. First book about the Orchestra + Model Musical Instruments - the child can use the model instruments for matching and exploring while reading. This book is already highly engaging as the child can press the button for orchestra sounds. 
  5. Tippy and Jellybean + Hand Puppets - Tippy and Jellybean is a huge favourite in our home, the child can use the puppets during the story or use them afterwards.
  6. A Rock is Lively + Rock and Mineral Samples - the rock and mineral samples are just one idea where we can match real objects with a book. 
  7. Bulldozer + Toy Bulldozer - this is simple and fun. 
  8. Green + Green Colour Paddle, Green Transparent Block, Green Magnetic Tile and Green Paint Samples - the green items serve as extension items to explore that are all different shades of green. My four year old has had a lot of fun with this tray exploring all the greens in our home and outside environment. 

First book of the orchestra with toobs instruments at How we Montessori

For more storybook baskets, tray and extension ideas see the previous post here.


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