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Montessori Rooms to Love ❤️🏡🪴

Montessori Rooms to Love from Instagram (1)

My favourite Montessori rooms are cozy, simple and well organised (a place for everything). Creating Montessori style spaces at home isn't always easy. If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration, here are some rooms that I'm loving.

This room is lovely. The colourful rug and blue walls are beautiful. There is simple forward-facing book storage, developmentally appropriate toys and materials, and, artwork displayed at the child's level. I can also see The Dancers Mobile hanging at the top. 

This room may be staged, it is a promotion for a furniture collaboration. The furniture is well designed, uses natural materials and feels warm with no hard or pointy edges. 

"It's really important to reduce the amount of information in the montessori environment, to avoid the baby's overstimulation. There are less toys available on the shelf and the colors and patterns are more simple. Minimalist, but still pretty. What do you think?" - @nothing.traditional

I love the selection of books here including books with high contrast images and images of babies. This family is using the Lovevery Play Gym. Similar shelf from Sprout (US). There is the high contrast Munari Mobile present on the wall. 

Although this area has a lot in it, it feels calm and serene. This has many gross motor options. Most of all I love how this area is connected to a larger living area (click to see the second pic). Similar foam climber.

This space is for a two-year-old. The child has the choice to work on the table or on the floor.  The table looks like the Ikea Flisat. The materials are well spaced without being overcrowded.

This family is also using the Lovevery Play Gym. Play Gyms are so easy to move around the home, this one has lots of options including a mirror, high contrast images, grasping ball and batting ring. This space isn't specifically Montessori but I feel it is well-aligned. The natural filtered light, placement of the large plant, high contrast cushions and low images are lovely touches.

This is another really simple, beautiful infant movement area. Featuring some high contrast images, a wall mirror for observation and a grasping/batting chimes mobile. Similar chimes mobile here.

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