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Drawing with Geometry Tools - a Prewriting, Fine Motor, Art Activity

Drawing with geometric tools  ruler  protractor at How we Montessori homeschool (1)

We've always done a lot of drawing at home, we also do a lot of prewriting, hand strengthening activities like pegging, using scissors, pasting, painting, sewing/threading, play dough and clay play.

We've recently started drawing with geometric tools. These are fun to use for developing fine motor skills and for developing creativity. Have you seen Frank Stella's Protractor Series? It's spectacular!

I presented the geometric tools on a tray. We've used a ruler for measuring before but not drawing, so I demonstrated to my preschooler how to use use the ruler and other tools like the protractor.

We are using a $1 Geometry Set from KMart (AU) and a Geometric Drawing Measuring Tool for circles (similar). I initially presented this with a kindergarten graphite pencil but Otto really wanted to use this with coloured markers. This could also work well with felt tip pens to make a sharp edge. I would avoid this with crayons as a blunt tip could be frustrating for the child.

I noticed that this style of drawing has helped my four-year-old to focus on and strengthen his helper hand. If you don't hold the ruler firmly, it will move.

Circle drawing tool at How we Montessori Geometry tools


Circle drawing tool at How we Montessori Geometry tools


Circle drawing tool at How we Montessori Geometry tools

And straight lines!! 

Preschool drawing with a ruler and protractor  geometry tools at How we Montessori

With each drawing, I could see my child's imagination increasing and his confidence increasing. These images would also look fantastic with a black marker or black felt tip pen with the child then painting to fill it in (with watercolours or acrylic). 

Some of the inspirational images I found also use geometry tools include:

Fairy Dust Teaching  Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings at Fairy Dust Teaching

Mirus Toys Geometry kit  drafting toolsGeometry Kit, Drafting Tools.


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