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Montessori Language + Handwriting Workbooks - Which ones we use & recommend!

Montessori Language and handwriting workbooks 2-6yrs

I decided to try a few Montessori workbooks with my preschooler and I was so surprised I had to share them with you! Montessori workbooks especially for the 3-6 yr age group feel like a bit of an oxymoron. We want the children's learning to be hands-on, using real-life experiences as much as possible. But for the child learning to write and needs a lot of practice, a Montessori workbook may be very helpful.

Times have changed too, now more than ever parents are teaching their children at home. Montessori workbooks are affordable and easy to use. If your child is using a workbook I recommend:

  • using the workbook with your child, especially for children under 5yrs. 
  • make it relaxed, fun and enjoyable.
  • don't force or bribe the child into using the workbook.
  • don't time or set limits on how much work your child is to do.
  • allowing the child to work as much or as long as the child wants (as is practical) without breaking the child's concentration.
  • making sure the child has a great environment to work in, create a comfortable workspace.
  • using developmentally appropriate pencils,  crayons or markers, we are currently using the triangular Ferby Graphite Pencil
  • reading widely about the Montessori method, some of the workbooks are best used after introducing sandpaper letters, a sand tray and when the child has good pencil control. These are our favourite sandpaper letters

If your child is attending a Montessori daycare, preschool or school you may not have the need for a Montessori workbook. However, they could still be useful, it's all about practice, muscle memory and reinforcing what the child has already learnt.  

The two Montessori workbooks that we are currently using are Montessori Language Workbook Preschool Skills and Pounce Into Printing.

All of the workbooks I am sharing today are language and handwriting workbooks and all use print. 

Montessori Language handwriting workbook at How we Montessori

The first workbook we used is Montessori Language Workbook Preschool Skills by River Education, recommended for children 2.5-6yrs. For most children I know, this would be best used at 3-5yrs. It contains a lot of matching and categorising work including:

  • matching identical images
  • matching part to whole
  • matching items that go together
  • categorising all like items like fruits, tools, animals, 
  • identifying what doesn't belong in a group 
  • matching opposites
  • matching items that rhyme
  • identifying items with a specific beginning sound.

The child is required to draw lines between images, circle items and colour items but there is no tracing, copying or writing work. Has 105 pages and is in black and white. My four-year-old found the first few pages easy but really enjoys the categorising work. 

Montessori Language handwriting workbook at How we Montessori

Categorising work. What animals live underwater. What things go on your feet. 

Montessori language Workbook Preschool skills ages 2-6yrs

Identifying what things go together! 
Montessori language Workbook Preschool skills ages 2-6yrs

Beginning sound work. 

Montessori Language handwriting workbook at How we Montessori (1)

The second workbook we are enjoying is Pounce Into Printing: Montessori Handwriting Handbook Dog Enthusiast Edition By Bellise Sacchetto. Pounce Into Printing was written for dog lovers, Prance Into Printing is similar and was written for horse lovers. Pounce Into Printing is cute and sweet, it begins with some prewriting skills like drawing lines, curves and circles. Then it has lots of tracing and letter writing work. It has 65 pages and is printed in colour. I wish it was longer, we could photocopy or scan and print to make extra pages. 

Pounce into Printing Montessori Handbook Bellise Sacchetto

My preschooler really enjoys prewriting activities. 
Pounce into Printing Montessori Handbook Bellise Sacchetto

We also love the dog theme. Pounce Into Printing is written by a Montessori student who has spent time tutoring children. Her aim was to produce workbooks that are fun and enjoyable.

Montessori handwriting sheets workbook practice lined paper tracing (1)

The following handbooks all contain tracing work and lined pages. These are best for children who already know their letters and are ready for handwriting practice. 

Discover Montessori Handwriting Workbook (black) is 250 pages. Has lots of tracing of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, short sentences and lined pages for independent writing. 

Montessori Handwriting Guide (purple) is 208 pages. It begins with a few pre-writing skills including the tracing of shapes and arrows. There are unlinked cursive letters to copy, the alphabet linked to copy and print upper case letters. Most of the book is lined pages for independent writing. 

Montessori Worksheets Preschool Letters and Numbers (green) is 214 pages. Lots of tracing of lower case and upper case letters and numbers. Unfortunately, has sentences to trace all in upper case, which isn't my preference. This doesn't have any spare lined pages for independent writing. 

In Australia, you can find the workbooks here: Montessori Language Workbook Preschool Skills, Pounce Into Printing (dog theme). Discover Montessori Handwriting Workbook (black), Montessori Handwriting Guide (purple), Montessori Worksheets Preschool Letters and Numbers (green). All of our Montessori workbooks were printed on-demand locally, here in Sydney. 

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