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Montessori Art - Let's Use Real Language + Give Colours Their Real Names! 🌈🎨

Use real colour names at How we Montessori language art

I've written previously about the importance of using real words with children and giving technical and scientific names for things. Well how about we apply that idea to art as well.

"Give children words. Art appreciation is full of new vocabulary: Impressionism, Cubism, Pointillism; Realism; foreground, background; palette; fresco; bronze; mobile; statue." - Art in the Montessori Environment by Pamela Personette.

Pictured above, as I've made up our watercolours, I've labelled the jar the true colour of the paint provided by the manufacturer Ecoline.

Using real pait names at How we Montessori

As I reset our art trolley (it rarely looks this clean), I labelled our paints with the names given on the bottle. I love the richness of the language - ochre, mahogany, snowball, cup cake pink.

I'm not suggesting that we all label our paints, I am suggesting that we become familiar with and use real descriptive colour names, accurate, authentic paint names.

For a child under three pink is adequate, but if it's more of a magenta, let's call it magenta!

Using real pait names at How we Montessori

Until today I hadn't noticed the names on our oil pastels. Love crimson, vermillion, salmon, violet. 

RYB color wheel

If you are not sure about your colours, like me, this colour wheel is a useful reference. 

Use real colour names at How we Montessori language art

If we want to get creative we can use look at paint samples. The colour names are much more imaginative!! I love the creativity shown, how about Autumn Harvest, Orange Poppy, Resplendent, Sky Lemon, Cherry Pink, Pale Daffodil, Grape Passion, Mermaid Tail or Peppermint Fresh? Lovely colour names. 

Pantone Colors Board Book

Pantone has a wonderful children's book that might inspire, with lots of colour names.

Art Workshop book  mix and name your own paint colours at How we Montessori

A well known Reggio inspired activity has children learn to mix colours and name the new paint colours. Shown here in Art Workshop for Children by Barbara Rucci.

Here the children have named the paint colours! These are really cute - Fire Fire, Really Pink, Carrots, and Green Apple. 💕


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