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It feels like an inappropriate time to be blogging. The senseless war in Ukraine, the loss of life and the loss of personal security is unfathomable. It can be difficult to know how to help. Today we are donating to the UNHCR Ukraine appeal. Please leave a link, especially if you have personal experience of agencies we can support in and around Ukraine. I found this article useful Talking to Kids About Hard Things by Emily Oster.

For many people, Etsy shops are their only source of income. Marina from Wooden Toys for You in Kyiv (we love their Continent Boxes) has been in touch to share #GodBlessUkraine and #PrayForUkraine Digital Download posters. Please share and support as you are able. Print and display your poster and stand with the people of Ukraine. 

The flooding in Queensland and Northern NSW has been terrifying. The flooding has been widespread, lives have been lost and there is more rain to come. Today we are donating to the Red Cross Qld and NSW Floods Appeal.  I've seen first-hand how the Australian Red Cross helps those who have lost homes and livelihoods from flood and fire, they are on the ground helping.

Personally, life has been tough too. I've spent the last four days in the Cardiac Ward at the Blacktown Hospital (not close to home). I'm completely fine now but the Cardiac Ward is a challenging and confronting place to be. I am beyond grateful for all of the Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Sonographers and hospital support staff who work long hard hours to save lives, and do it with grace and compassion. Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you are with your family (hold them close), dry, healthy and safe. 

If you are in the blog-reading mood, here are a few links and things that I wrote earlier. 

Imagine Montessori Shool Spain-bricks-wood

This classroom is beautiful. Above the Imagine Montessori School in Paterna (Valencia), Spain by Gradolí & Sanz Architects, photographs by Mariela Apollonio. More at METALOCUS.

Imagine Montessori Shool Spain-bricks-wood

It looks visually stunning, calm, natural, raw and pared back. The building structure is completely neutral. 

Imagine Montessori Shool Spain-bricks-wood

The positioning of the window reminds me of this project, it's the ideal height for the children who work here. 

Ouch book about gravity at how we montessori (1)
I love reading children's science books. We didn't have any books about gravity so I ordered Ouch! Tales of Gravity by Kate Simpson and Andy Hardiman (worldwide here). Ouch book about gravity at How we Montessori kids science picture book (1)
It explains what gravity is and how it works at the level for primary age children at around 5-8-year-old. It's perfect for a science/gravity unit or just for your children's reading shelves or school library. 

Mini pegging toy at How we Montessori

If your child liked pegging toys as a toddler they might like the Miniland Pegs and Worksheets (AU here). It's fantastic for developing concentration, fine motor skills and the pincer grip. This one is recommended for 3-6yrs. Otto pictured here is 4yrs and this is one of the rare shelf type work that he is choosing right now (the others being playdough, knitting and scissor work).

Jackson pollock Art class Play Studio at how we Montessori

Have you seen the new Play Studio at Bondi Junction? There are Montessori elements present in the space and in the activities. I think the art classes are our favourite, your child can get creative and messy and you don't have to clean up. Other than clean up your child! I'll share another post next week with more pictures.


A huge congratulations to Benedykt & Sylvester as their Subscription box has won the title of the best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK for 2022. Also to LOVEVERY who won the Best Toy Subscription category!! Shop Lovevery in the UK here. ❤️

A few other links and things I've been enjoying:

I have some more light-hearted articles coming soon including practical life ideas and children's calendar options to help your week run smoothly. 

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support! 

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