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Are bath crayons authentic art materials review at How we Montessori review

I love bath crayons but I know not everyone feels the same. Bath crayons are softer than regular crayons and some are really creamy and smooth.

Using bath crayons in the bath is a fun alternative to drawing on paper, and the child is for the most part drawing on a vertical surface (bath or bathroom tiles). Bath crayons can be used on:

  • windows
  • glass doors
  • perspex or acrylic sheets or easels
  • mirrors
  • tiles - we have spare white tiles that we also use for play dough and clay. 

Are bath crayons authentic art materials review at How we Montessori

If you already have bath crayons and don't want them in your bathroom, look for alternative surfaces, remember they will work on paper and cardboard too (don't throw them out). Bath crayons and bath colour drops are fun stocking stuffers and also work well in Easter baskets!! 

Bath paint sticks at How we Montessori Little Brian

Bath crayons are generally designed to be used on the bathtub or tiles, not on grout. I've found minor staining of bright colours on grout and sealant. I recommend encouraging children to wipe the bath clean themselves when finished, with adult support if needed. Leaving the crayons on the bathtub for long periods of time (overnight) may result in the crayon being difficult to remove. 

With care bath crayons can last a long time, I dry ours out each night. When the kids get out of the bath I put the crayons onto the bath mat and allow them to dry before placing them back in the container in the bath. Some of the crayons can also be used on the child's skin, but check for sensitivities first.

Recently I showed you how we organised our children's bathroom and I was asked about our bath crayons. At that point, we hadn't tried many bath crayons, so I set out to try more and here is what we found. 

Honeysticks bath crayons review at How we Montessori

Honeysticks Jumbo Bath Crayons (AU here) (UK here)

  • 7 crayons.
  • Extra storage canister with drainage holes.  
  • Recommended for 12 months+.
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • Our experience: easy to use, thick, bright. 
  • Why we like them: no plastic, natural ingredients, large chunky crayons.

These felt are slightly waxier than the other crayons but the colours went on the thickest and were also really bright. The Honeysticks Jumbo Bath Crayons are our favourite bath crayons!

Kitpas Bath Crayons Japanese at How we Montessori

Kitpas Bath Crayons (UK here)

  • 10 crayons.
  • Recommended for 3 years+.
  • Extra sponge - with two sides for cleaning.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Our experience: smaller - good for young children's hands, feels more like a traditional crayon/harder than the others. 
  • Why we like them: minimal plastic, hexagonal shape crayon for extra grip/easy handling, they float in the water! 

In Australia these can be expensive, I found the best price at The Pencil Case Place (in WA). The colours are more pastel and are really lovely. These are our second favourite. I like the small size for my preschooler who is developing his pencil grip, they also felt really creamy and smooth. 

Anko Kmart bath crayons at How we Montessori

Anko (Kmart brand) Bath Time Crayons (AU)

  • 6 crayons.
  • Extra polyester drawstring bag. 
  • Recommended for 2 years+
  • Made in China.
  • Our experience: smooth, soft, bright, thin crayons but go on nicely. 
  • Why we like them: affordable. 

Bright Child Bath crayons review at How we Montessori

Bright Child Bath Crayons (AU)

  • 8 crayons.
  • Extra blue cleaning cloth.
  • Recommended for 3 years+
  • Made in China.
  • Our experience: need to press harder than other crayons to make a solid line.
  • Why we like them: vibrant fun colours, easily accessible - are available at our local toy store. 

Ec first creations bath crayons at How we Montessori

EC First Creations Bath Time Crayons (AU)

  • 6 crayons.
  • Recommended for 3 years+.
  • Made in China.
  • Our experience: smooth, bright.
  • Why we like them: affordable, accessible.


Little Brian Bath Paint Sticks Review at How we Montessori

Little Brian Bath Paint Sticks (AU)

  • 6 paint sticks.
  • Made in China.
  • Recommended for 3yrs+.
  • Our experience: super smooth and thick, goes on easily, Otto found it slippery (in a good way it glides on), has the potential to make a bigger mess in the bathroom, good application for children to use on their skin or on each other's backs. 
  • Why we like them: thick smooth paint sticks. 

These are slightly different to bath crayons but they are really fantastic and I recommend them! They are thick like regular paint sticks and are good for children who want to draw on themselves or their siblings, like back drawings. These have the potential to make a lot of mess fast so as usual, I recommend supervising all children in the bath.

Honey Sticks Bath Colour Drops at How we Montessori bath colors


Honeysticks Bath Colour Drops (AU here) (UK here)

  • 36 drops
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • Large, brightly coloured drops - only one drop is needed per standard bath, more if you want to mix colours. 
  • Has a cute chart that shows the child the mixing of the three primary colours. 

We use a lot of Willy's Bath Colours (available in-store at Woolworths, Australia). They are smaller size drops compared to the Honeysticks Bath Colour Drops. Both have bright colours that are easy to mix, we love and recommend both!

If you are looking for natural or handmade bath crayons, don't forget to look on Etsy. There aren't any local options for us but if you are in the US these Goats Milk Soap Crayons look lovely!!

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