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Today I want to share some Montessori spaces from around the world. Blogs and books often show one person's or one family's perspective and I love to provide a peek into other people's homes, even if it is through the lens of social media. My intent is to inspire and motivate - not to induce feelings of envy or inadequacy. I hope you take away some useful ideas and enjoy these spaces as much as I do.

This bedroom for a two-year-old (in a dreamy new build!) is fun and bright. Simple shelves provide storage for the toys and the low bed helps to promote independence in young children.

This is how it's done! This space successfully combines the family table and the child's table. The children's furniture is by Sprout and it looks like it belongs in this space, it's smart and seamless. 

Yes to family photos - at the child's height!! Remember to only keep one item or one group of toys in each cubby hole, to keep it organised and easy for the child to maintain. 

This is a bedroom for an eight-month-old in Auckland, New Zealand. At this age, movement is super important and this room provides lots of open space for the child to move and explore. The movement area is also firm but comfortable.

At eight months, many children are pulling themselves to standing and the child may be pulling themselves up using the shelving and may be able to reach the toys on the second level or see the vegetable illustrations at the top. 

This is a play space for two children, in Jakarta, Indonesia. There is a lot going on here but I can see there is a place for everything.

A toddler's play corner. This is just really simple, it's often in our nature or upbringing to add more things but here it's not necessary. There are materials in each cubby space and this space can be maintained. 

A small child accessible indoor garden, in Poland. I'm feeling some plant envy 🌱, this is super cute. 

I love how Miss Nicky has embraced storing (and displaying!) art materials in glass jars. I am a fan of transparent containers as they keep the materials organised and the child can still easily see inside them. Also, these geometric wall hangings 😍. A closer view here.

Yes to blue shelves! 😍 This isn't necessarily a Montessori home but it is cozy and developmentally appropriate.

This before and after in San Francisco is satisfying. It looks like there has been a declutter and re-organisation of the materials.

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