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Let's Try - Symmetry Drawing

Symmetry drawing tray at How we Montessori

I was really interested in trying some symmetry drawing with my preschooler. It looks like a fun way to teach children about symmetry and art. I initially downloaded these insect symmetry drawing cards but once I had them I could tell they were way too hard for my four-year-old.

I made up some of my own cards by downloading basic images and removing half of the image. 

Symmetry drawing at How we Montessori orange

As this was the first time presenting this work to my child, I gave him a mirror to show him what the complete image would look like.

Symmetry drawing at How we Montessori orange

This was really tricky work. 

Symmetry drawing flower with mirror at How we Montessori

Flowers, faces, butterflies, and (some) fruits are interesting symmetric images to use. 

Symmetry drawing at How we Montessori orange

The youngest I'd try this is with a four-year-old. Older children may catch on quicker and be more accurate. 

Symmetry drawings at four years at How we Montessori

I can see that this type of drawing really made him think. 

Cat drawing symmetry at How we Montessori (1)

We also tried some animal faces. 

Easter Symmetry Drawings at How we Montessori

I already had these Easter-themed fold and cut sheets. It turns out they work well for symmetry drawing too. 

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