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The Lovevery Products We Use - Everyday!!

Most used Lovevery products at How we Montessori


The beauty of Lovevery Play Kits is that they contain stage-based play essentials. The idea is that through research we can present our child with the right toys at the right time. But... the Lovevery Play Kits don't only contain play essentials, they also contain practical life tools that are so useful and enriching that we use them every day!

So just in case you were thinking Lovevery is all about toys, I want to prove you wrong and share some of the materials that aren't toys, that we use super frequently with my preschooler at 4yrs. Some of these materials I was looking for and could be classified as Montessori home essentials that make life easier (for example the spray mop) and others I didn't know we needed (like the liquid lab, it's so much fun). ❤️

First though, I don't want to forget infants. If you have an infant I recommend the Lovevery Play Gym alongside the Play Kits. The Play Gym is versatile and will last at least a year (it turns into a little cubby) and they are all the playthings you'll need in the early stages. 

Ok, let's see. What Lovevery products do we use every day?

  1. Squeeze and Spray Mop - yes, we've used mops before, I know you can make adult mops shorter, but this mop is so much better - the pad is thick, the spray bottle works perfectly every time, it cleans up easily, it's the best child's mop I've found in over a decade. Every day we are cleaning up little spills or washing the entire floor. This is a child-size mop that truly belongs in Montessori (0-3 and 3-6) environments!
  2. Liquid Lab - children are constant explorers and my children love exploring with water. The beakers, funnel and tubes are fantastic for water play and are usually found in our bathroom or in a sensory tray for pouring. The beaker is transparent so the child can easily see the liquids they are pouring. The white tray is also super useful, I wish we had a few more, we use it for art trays, food prep trays and for messy crafts. 
  3. Stackable Fraction Cups - for water play, pouring, and baking. I recommend these to all parents and teachers who bake with their children. They are stackable (our other fraction cups are not) so they store nicely on the shelf and the children can use them to measure and learn about fractions! All three of my children have learnt their fractions through baking and preparing food! 
  4. Plan Ahead Weather Board - we use it to check in every day as part of our daily rhythm, to learn the day of the week (yesterday/today/tomorrow), the season, the weather and home/school weekday/weekend. You can see ours in more detail here. The weather board may help your child get dressed for the day or remind them which day of the week it is, it's a fantastic way to start the day with your child. 
  5. Liquid Color Lab - young children are attracted to colour mixing and this set is perfect. We can use the colour tablets to create colours and the droppers can be used for many years in different activities. Perfect for bathtime, sand or water play, for the sensory table, arts and craft. 
  6. Maths Bars Tiles & Counters - at first look these look like simple counters but they can be used for so much more including addition, subtraction, and patterning. The character counters lend themselves to storytelling and problem-solving scenarios. 
  7. Grooved Pitcher & Glass - children pour themselves a drink multiple times a day, a little pitcher and cup are very useful and we use ours daily. 
  8. Really Real Flashlight - when Otto was a couple of years old we kept the Really Real Flashlight next to his floor bed. Initially, we left it there with the night light on and over time we've been able to turn the night light off. The flashlight is bright enough for him to find the potty or bathroom (or my bed), it has a child-friendly easy-to-use press button (unlike other torches with a hard switch/button) and it's safe, it will not damage your child's eyes. The batteries can be replaced but after two years, ours is still using the original batteries. Also fun for shadow play and exploring light.
  9. Left & Right Shoe Stickers - I almost forgot these because I don't see them, but my child does. They are in all of his shoes and from the age of three has made sure he independently puts on his shoes on the right feet! A time-saver, a sanity saver that promotes independence. 
  10. Lovevery books - I haven't written enough about the Lovevery books, they are beautiful, based on reality with real images, there is always one on Otto's bedroom bookshelves. We love Bedtime for Zoe, My Favourite Nature Buddy and Uncle Rob's Pizza Party.

While these products are not available individually I hope this gives you some insight into the depth of the play kits, and how they can contribute to a Montessori home.

This post includes affiliate links. We only recommend products that we love and use in our home. Thank you for your support!

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