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A New Book by Ashley Yeh (Hapa Family) - The Montessori Home: Create a Space for Your Child to Thrive

The Montessori Home by Ashley Yeh

Did you know that Ashley from Hapa Family has released a new book?  The Montessori Home: Create a Space for Your Child to Thrive (AU here)(UK here)(World Wide) was released last month. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I wasn't disappointed!

There are a lot of Montessori books around but Ashely has written a book about what I feel was missing. That is the parent's point of view of Montessori in the home. Although Ashley is a certified Montessori guide (0-3) this is written from a parent's perspective, and it's a welcome change. The communication really feels like parent to parent.  

I believe Ashley's children are three and five years old, so I love that she has been able to write a book about a parenting phase that she is still in, this is her home and her life right now. She is currently parenting young children alongside us. 

Montessori home book Ashley Hapa Family contents page

It's definitely a book that I would recommend if you were a parent and only wanted ONE book about Montessori at home. It covers infancy to preschool age, most areas of the home and activities including a few recipes and tray type activities.

Montessori at Home by Ashley Yeh  Preschooler rooms

If you've read a lot of Montessori books, blogs, or follow a lot of Montessori accounts on social media, you will be familiar with most of the environments, tips and activities. They are all tried and true. But The Montessori Home is useful as it contains all the information in one place, and it's easy to use. The Montessori Home is well organised, it's easy to flip through and find the space for the age you want to know about. It is categorised by the space/area of the home like bedroom, bathroom, entryway, kitchen, dining and play space.

The Montessori Home Ashley Yeh  Designing the space (1)

It has a lot of images of Ashely's home and real-life materials, which I find super helpful. There is some assumption that the reader is well resourced, if you are on a low to no budget, more creativity is needed to replicate these spaces. 

Activities Montessori Home by Ashley Yeh  Hapa Family

The activity ideas have a good mix of store-bought materials and DIYs.

Preschooler activities Montessori at Home  Ashely Hapa Family activities

This is firmly a book about Montessori in the home, not a Montessori school in the home, but there are a few educational, preschool type activities that you would find in most Montessori environments. 

Montessori Home Practical Life for Preschoolers by Ashley Yeh (1)

The Montessori Home: Create a Space for Your Child to Thrive by Ashley Yeh (AU here)(UK here)(World Wide) is a fantastic resource for parents. It would make a wonderful gift to parents of young children and also belongs in Montessori school parent libraries and resource centres.

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