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What are your favourite Children's Baking Kits? We bake with Easy Peasy. ❤️🧁

Easy Peasy Kids Cooking Kits

I love baking with my children but we often end up making the same things (muffins or banana bread). A baking kit is a nice way to bake something different, something special. Baking kits like this one by Easy Peasy also contain a craft. Children's baking kits are a lovely gift idea, or nice to save for when grandparents, cousins or special guests come to visit!  Most children's baking kits are made by small businesses which is just another reason to give them a go. 

Here are some children's baking kits that look fun and delicious! 


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Easy Peasy Kids Cooking Kits

Back to our baking. We tried the Rad Robots Cupcake Kit at Easy Peasy. The kit comes with dry ingredients, how cute is this compostable packaging? All you need to add is an egg, butter and milk. 

Easy Peasy Kids Robot Cupcakes at how we Montessori

As part of the craft, we make our robots. 


Easy Peasy Kids Cooking Kits

We coloured the robots and put the pieces together with paper pins - all supplied in the kit. 

Robot Cupcakes Baking Kit How we Montessori

Onto the baking. Our kit has clear, easy instructions. 

Making Easy Peasy Kids cupcakes at How we Montessori

We beat the butter and then add the cupcake mixture. The mixture goes into the cupcake liners, and then baked in the oven. 

Robot Cupcakes at Easy Peasy Kids at How we Montessori (2)

Allow the cupcakes to cool. Add icing and then the Robot cake toppers! ❤️🤖 So cute. 

If I haven't mentioned it, please let me know your favourite children's baking kit! 🧁


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