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Soft Play Shapes - For Gross Motor Skill Development

Soft play shapes at How we Montessori

Soft Play Shapes are one of the larger play items that are popping up in the homes of Montessori families, along with Pikler Triangles they are extremely popular. Play items that promote gross motor skills indoors have been valuable in the last two years with most children experiencing lockdown or isolation periods at home. 

Soft Play Shapes are extremely versatile, they can  be used for:

  • building
  • lifting, carrying
  • stacking 
  • knocking over
  • crawling up
  • rolling down, tumbling down or over
  • balancing 
  • creating an obstacle course
  • sitting or lying on

Some of the Soft Play Shapes we've noticed include:

  1. Play Sets at (AU) - a collection of soft play-shapes made in Melbourne. In a pastel colour range with a pebble-textured cover.
  2. Indoor Soft Play Equipment at Little Helper Store (UK).
  3. Climb and Crawl Activity Set at ERC4Kids (US).
  4. Soft Play Stairs and Slide at Toys2U (UK) - also by the same company is this soft play tent.
  5. Soft Play Shapes at KMart (AU) - shapes available individually. 
  6. Luxury Foam Soft 3 Piece Play Set at Style My Kid (UK & EU) - cover is a soft-touch fabric.

Large cushion play at Play Studio Bondi Junction

We've enjoyed soft shape play at the Play Studio

Soft shape play at How we Montessori

At home, we have Soft Play Shapes from KMart and

Soft shape play at How we Montessori



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