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For the Love of Books 📚 The Best of Children's Rotating Bookshelves

Rotating bookshelf toy park

Image: Joy Kids (AU)

I have written many articles about how we store children's books. In a Montessori home, we want our children's books to be easily accessible but also ordered and presented in a way that is attractive to the child. For a young child, we may put books in a basket or in a forward-facing bookshelf. You can read my recommendations on forward-facing bookshelves at How We Store and Display Children's Books - at 2-3yrs. 

By the time the child is 4 to 5 years old, maybe earlier, they are wanting access to many, many more books and we can place less importance on the need to present them in a forward-facing fashion. We can use low shelves on a standard bookshelf but I am loving these new rotating bookshelves!

Children's rotating bookshelves provide:

  • dedicated space for the child to store and display their books
  • capacity to store many books
  • forward-facing and spine ordered book storage
  • attractive, compact design
  • child accessible, low shelving.

Bear Wood Furniture Rotating bookshelf UK

Image: Bear Wood Furniture (UK)

Children's rotating bookshelves can look incredibly beautiful. Here are some of my favourites.

Best rotating kids book shelves at How we Montessori #2

  1. Raffy the Rotating Bookcase by Bear Wooden Furniture (UK) - this is my top pick! I like how the books are displayed on the ends and the size looks for young children. 
  2. 360 Rotating Bookshelf by Cosy Decor Art (Turkey).
  3. Wooden Rotating Bookshelf by My Duckling (AU). 
  4. Bookworm Revolving Bookshelf by Fox Wood Co (AU) - we have shelves by this company and would recommend them. The bookshelf is designed and made in Australia, from Australian materials.
  5. Revolving Solid Wood Bookcase by Bunny Tickles (AU).
  6. Rotating Bookcase by My Mini Home (Poland) - this looks so fun! This bookcase comes in a range of colours and could also work as a craft or art station! 
  7. Rotating Bookshelf at My Happy Helpers (AU) - the baskets are removable and come in grey and off white, the bookshelf also comes in a range of colours/finishes including white, birch, walnut and raw. 
  8. 2 in 1 Rotating Bookshelf / Toy Organiser by Hip Kids (AU) - this is the smallest and the most affordable bookshelf here. I've seen this bookshelf in person, our local shopping centre has it in their children's area, it is adorable! For a child of 4-5yrs, we may want something larger.
  9. Three Tier Rotating Bookshelf by Four Little Monkeys (AU) - this also comes in four tiers.


This is a DIY rotating bookshelf using Ikea Trofast, spice racks on the sides and a Lazy Susan turntable on the bottom.


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