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Cooking with Kids - Making Fruit Gummies

Making fruit gummies with kids at HW Montessori

Have you made fruit gummies at home? A friend recently put some fruit gummies in her daughter's lunch box and they looked fantastic, hers were in a heart shape and were very cute! She assured me they were easy to make so I had to give it a go.

It's winter and berries are expensive so we don't want any to go to waste. This is a good way to use leftover berries and we can get the children involved.

There are lots of recipes and online tutorials on making fruit gummies - the recipe at My Kids Lick the Bowl is good. I follow my friend's recipe and use puree berries and a touch of orange juice. I've seen others add sweeteners like honey. I use 330ml (1 and 1/3 cups) of puree/juice to 2 tablespoons of gelatin. I don't mind the seeds, but if you want a clear smooth gummy, be sure to remove the seeds with a fine sieve. I am not a food blogger, so for a more detailed explanation and directions, you may need to do your own search.

We start by selecting our berries, with the strawberries we cut off the leaves and pop them into the blender. A food processor or stick blender will work just as well. 

Fruit gummies with kids at How we Montessori

We blend the berries and a touch of orange juice (or water) into a puree. 

DIY fruit gummies with kids

I measured 330ml of the puree and Otto poured it into a pot. I heat the berry puree on the stove and gently whisk. I allow the berry puree to cool slightly, and whisk in 2 tablespoons of gelatin. 

DIY fruit gummies with kids

Then we pour the mixture into the gummy mould. I've seen others use a pipette and it might be an easier way to get the mixture into the mould. Some moulds come with a pipette for this purpose. If you use a pipette you may also have less air bubbles. 

DIY fruit gummies with kids

Lots of skills go into this careful pouring and there were spills. We put the mould into the fridge for 2 hours to allow it to set.

Cooking with kids fruit gummy at How We Montessori (1)

They came out brilliantly! Although the snakes look a bit like worms. The gelatin set nicely, but keep in mind these are soft and not the texture of lolly snakes or gummy bear candies.

I love the idea of snake gummies for my older children but the snakes are harder to get out of the mould whole. Many of the bears came out of the mould missing ears, but overall they worked well. I've bought a strawberry mould as I feel the single shape (less detailed) moulds (like the strawberry or hearts) might work better. Our gummies were made with strawberries but it would be fun to use other fruits and see the different colours. The gummies can go into lunchboxes but would also look cute on a children's snack platter or children's charcuterie board.


Fruit Gummy Moulds at HW Montessori


a. snakes / b. hearts, fruit & seaside / c. snakes & bears (AU) / d. strawberries (AU)


We use an Opinel Kids Knife, Frutti Tutti Gummy Maker (AU), Kitchen Helper and Children's Apron (AU). We also have a Strawberry Mould (AU) to use for next time.

This was our first time making fruit gummies, if you are more experienced or have an easier or foolproof recipe, please leave a link. 

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