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Mindfulness with Kids - Part One: Children's Yoga ❤️

Tree pose Mindful and Co Kids Yoga cards at how we Montessori

This is the first in a new series about mindfulness with kids. I want to share some practical, easy and fun ways to bring little pockets of quiet, calm and focus into your life and the lives of your children.

Today we are starting with children's yoga. Yoga is one of my favourite mindfulness activities. I've attended yoga classes throughout my life, in all different life stages it's been there for me. My three children are very active with sport so they enjoy the physical aspect of yoga. It's a way for them to physically slow down and listen to their bodies. 

We only use two materials including a lovely children's yoga mat and yoga cards. We wear comfortable loose clothing. While I like the whole process to be as child-led as possible I try to:

  • Start with a grounding pose (child's pose, butterfly pose).
  • Include some balancing poses (mountain pose, tree pose, flamingo pose).
  • Use cool-down poses towards the end (reclining or forward folding poses).
  • Finish with Savasana (resting pose, cloud pose).
  • Allow the child to choose their favourite poses to try.
  • Demonstrate new poses to the child.
  • Practice yoga alongside the child.
  • Make minimal adjustments to the child - I don't adjust the child unless their position is unsafe, I will clearly demonstrate the pose focusing on the key areas and positioning.
  • Observe the child to determine how long they want to hold the pose - I try not to rush or interrupt the child while in a pose, my child will often hold cool-down and resting poses for a long time.
  • Observe the child to determine how long to hold the yoga session - our sessions can range from five to twenty minutes. 

We like to use Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Flash Cards and they have some wonderful suggestions including using different poses for morning and night.

  • Morning Poses - mountain (grounding), cobra (stretching), camel (deep breathing), and dog. 
  • Evening Poses - crescent moon and in bed, we can try lotus and/or cloud as meditative poses. 

Tree pose Mindful and Co Kids Yoga cards at how we Montessori

Otto (4yrs) doing tree pose. The thing about yoga, is that once the child knows a few poses you'll find them doing the poses at all times of the day. Otto will often do tree pose while at the supermarket or when we are waiting in line.

Tree pose Mindful and Co Kids Yoga cards at how we Montessori

Mountain pose. 

Kids yoga sydney

Boat pose. 

Clam pose yoga kids montessori

Clam pose. 

Best kids yoga cards at How we Montessori (1)

Just as with all of the child's work, we try to give them the space and time they need and do not interrupt them.  

Mindful Kids and Co Yoga Cards at How we Montessori

The Yoga Flash Cards feature poses that resonate with children. There is a gorgeous, gentle illustrated image on one side and a guide to the pose on the other side. The cards are large and thick, they can be wiped down so ok to be used outdoors. There are 26 poses in the set, which come in a beautiful strong storage box perfect for classrooms, travelling or gift-giving.

Tree pose Mindful and Co Kids Yoga cards at how we Montessori

Lotus pose. Stillness, focus and concentration. ❤️

Tree pose Mindful and Co Kids Yoga cards at how we Montessori

Practising yoga is just one way we can teach our children how to look after their minds and bodies. 

To find our Nature Print Kids Yoga Mat, Yoga Flash Cards and many more mindfulness products and ideas visit Mindful & Co Kids, you can use the code MINDFULFRIENDS20 at checkout for 20% off your order. Mindful & Co Kids ship worldwide including the US, Canada and Australia!! 🙏

Our Yoga Flash Cards and Yoga Mat are c/o Mindful & Co Kids. 

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