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Children's Moon Journal. How we study the moon. 🌙 3-5yrs+ (free journal download)

Child's moon phase journal at How we Montessori

I've been getting a lot of questions about the moon lately. Perhaps it's because we've just come out of winter, and the nights have been long, perhaps it is all the excitement over the launch of  NASA's Artemis I moon rocket. 🌙🚀

Young children learn best through real hands-on experiences, and this can be difficult when learning about the moon at school. It's a great idea to explore the moon at home where can go outside and see the moon at night. 

To encourage my children to closely observe the moon, we've been using a moon journal. The journal encourages us to go outside every night, observe the moon and record what the moon looks like. We can discuss and identify the phases of the moon. 

Children's moon phase journal how we montessori (1)

There are lots of moon journals available, but most of them are monthly journals. For a preschooler, I really wanted a weekly journal. Seven consecutive days of observing the moon feels more achievable.

Kids moon luna journal at How we Montessori

We've been going outside every night, not at the same time and Otto (4yrs) fills in his journal. Luckily we've had clear skies. 

Moon journal at How we Montessori for preschoolers

I've made this specifically with preschoolers in mind. They can write their name at the top, and there are the phases of the moon below. 

You can download (free) the my moon journal here for the Southern Hemisphere. You can download (free) my moon journal for the Northern Hemisphere here.

Moon wall projector at How we Montessori

I love to look at photographs of the moon with my children. It's amazing to see what the moon surface looks like. 

Moon wall projector at How we Montessori

We have a projector which we can use at night time to project stars on the bedroom room walls, but you can also put in disks and project space images. ❤️ We use this projector (AU), (similar here AU) (similar here UK), (similar here and here US). We also love this brand of projector torches

Moon Phase Identifier Etsy Benedykt and Sylvester

This Moon Phase Identifier would be incredibly helpful - for those in the Northern Hemisphere. 

What about books about the moon? Some of our space books feature the moon. Journey to the Moon looks extraordinary; for younger children, we could use the Moon My First Discoveries.

If you download and use the moon journal, please let me know! I hope you enjoy it! 🌙

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