Floor beds are becoming more popular!! By two years of age many children have also transitioned to a toddler bed. So before Otto gets any older (he's currently 27 months) I want to share some pictures and note what his floor bed set up looks like. At two years (27 months) we currently use: Cot Sized Floor Bed - c/o Sprout, we have one high side and one low side.... Read more →

When selecting gifts for children we like to make an activity kit or bag with a few items that the child can use and play with. We think about the child's interests and choose a theme. These activity kits feel a little more personalised than giving a toy alone and they feel a little more put together. Hopefully the children find them fun and useful! Here are some of our... Read more →

Every child deserves to learn about real food and where it comes from. Visiting a farm and growing your own food is important and books can be used to support this hands-on-learning. We love books in our home and especially books about food and gardens. Here are some of our favourite books about farm to table and farmers markets. Before We Eat, Meet Me at the Farmers Market and Happy... Read more →

Last week my husband was away and I had to take Otto with me to a couple of my classes and also to his brothers sports training. While it is undesirable to have a toddler in tow, Otto (at 25 months) is capable of quietly sitting and playing for 30-40 minutes with a couple of small toys. These toys are also useful for when we are in waiting rooms, when... Read more →

In the past, I've put architectural images on the wall near our block area. But as Otto is so young I want to leave the space a little more open. I don't want him to feel like blocks are only for creating buildings. He uses blocks in many creative ways. But we have a few children's books about blocks which are mainly about buildings that are fantastic, I want to... Read more →

Have you wondered what the Montessori approach is to discussing the climate emergency or the recent #globalclimatestrike? It hard not to feel motivated and inspired but how can we educate our children on this issue in an age-appropriate way? "At this age we do not tell the child about the problems with the environment, global warming, etc. Giving this information too early can cause confusion and stress, worry and even... Read more →

Five, maybe more, things that I am loving from today! 1. Animal stamps and pumpkin spice play dough. I'm using these to teach my toddler to be gentle and not to press too hard into the play dough. The scent from the spiced play dough is divine! 2. Our nature tray. We found these lovely pinecones under a huge conifer. We have some little acorns and acorn caps and lots... Read more →

My toddler is going through a language explosion. In a matter of months, he has gone from knowing a hundred or so words to perhaps thousands. It has been exciting and wonderful to watch. I want to share some of the activities that we have used that have been the most helpful for language development from around 18 months. Our top three types of language work: Point and name type... Read more →

Otto received his first library card today. Previously I was putting his books on my card but I realised it was time for him to have more ownership over his books and over his library experience. It's important for him to have a card with his name on it, it almost cements his place in the library. It's easy for us to forget that libraries are places for children and... Read more →

November 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Has there ever been a time where these protections have been more important? It's also important to educate our children on their rights and the rights of all children. Nicola Davies has written Every Child A Song. It is a poignant celebration of children everywhere and a reminder that EVERY child must... Read more →

How was your week? We are getting ready for the older children to go back to school on Wednesday. I love that they have a short week on their first week back. While I enjoy the holidays I am looking forward to getting back to a good routine. Here are a few fantastic links that I've been reading this week: This print is gorgeous - I'm looking for one similar!... Read more →

I recently discovered this absolutely gorgeous photobook about unconventional schools. It's an amazing book, it's ground-breaking. I've never seen a book like it. If you are passionate about schooling or unconventional methods of education you might like it too! Let's Do This is a photo book with nearly 300 images of six unconventional schools from around the world. Featuring schools from Bali, San Diego, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and, California. Touching... Read more →

Image: Inner Sydney Montessori School Isn't the above scene from Inner Sydney Montessori School gorgeous! We recently found out we will be moving to Syndey in January! Here are a few links and things that I've been enjoying this week: Simple Montessori Toddler Art Shelf at Montessori-ish Mom. I am a little obsessed with Montessori and child-sized furniture! Love this little cube chair and table set at Creciendo con Montessori.... Read more →

Have you read Susan Mayclin Stephenson's new release The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education? I would absolutely recommend it. It is heavy on the practical, on activities, on setting up the environment and I feel a lot of parents would appreciate that. I'm going to try many of these activities at home. I also recommend this for the school teacher/parent library! It gives a fantastic insight into Montessori training that... Read more →

"If we had to live just one day in an environment such as the one we prepare for our children, I believe we also would find it painfully uncomfortable...If these mothers prepared an environment at home for the child that conformed to his size, to his energy and to his psychic faculties, the child would be at liberty and a great step would have been taken toward the resolution of... Read more →