Have you read Susan Mayclin Stephenson's new release The Red Corolla: Montessori Cosmic Education? I would absolutely recommend it. It is heavy on the practical, on activities, on setting up the environment and I feel a lot of parents would appreciate that. I'm going to try many of these activities at home. I also recommend this for the school teacher/parent library! It gives a fantastic insight into Montessori training that... Read more →

"If we had to live just one day in an environment such as the one we prepare for our children, I believe we also would find it painfully uncomfortable...If these mothers prepared an environment at home for the child that conformed to his size, to his energy and to his psychic faculties, the child would be at liberty and a great step would have been taken toward the resolution of... Read more →

One way we can increase our art literacy is through books. Today I'm sharing five ridiculously good art books for toddlers and preschoolers. These are all board books that are engaging, they are simple but sophisticated. Often they introduce one concept at a time such as line, shape or colour. I have listed them in order starting with my favourite, but they are all amazing and I highly recommend them!... Read more →

There are two new release Montessori books that you need to know about. The Montessori Book of Coordination and Life Skills (for ages 2+) and The Montessori Book of Words and Numbers (for ages 3+) by Maja Pitamic. These are both activity books, each book contains 70-80 activities. The activities are all very Montessori, which is fantastic for Montessori families who just want to be able to pick up a... Read more →

We've received some excellent book recommendations recently and I wanted to share some of our favourites with you. All of these board books have been chosen to expand Otto's vocabulary or at least to expand the language he is exposed to. He is more and more interested in books with people and especially babies in them. I hope you enjoy this selection too. How Do You Say I Love You?... Read more →

Now that Otto is just a little older, he is spending more time engrossed in independent play, mostly outdoors (!) and I have been able to spend a whole lot more time reading. Today I'm sharing a few books that I've enjoy over March. The Brave Learner: Finding Everday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life by Julie Bogart. This is more about parenting than homeschooling. The Brave Learner contains a... Read more →

We travel and eat out a lot. It's important that children feel a part of the process and aren't continuously distracted or placated throughout travel, or in waiting rooms or at a sibling's sporting events. However I have three children and recognise there are times when a few distractions can help. Next month we are travelling to France with a group for my husband's work. I am filled with anxiety... Read more →

There is a lot to love about Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but have you ever wished for a more accurate version? Where there is a 'chrysalis' not a 'cocoon', where the caterpillar eats only plants and not cake and ice cream? Perhaps even where we can use words like 'pupa'? We've been loving Caterpillar to Butterfly by the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Caterpillar to... Read more →

I'm currently reading Barefoot and Balanced by Angela J. Hanscom. It's about how unrestricted outdoor play makes for strong, confident and capable children. It's an excellent book for parents and teachers. One reviewer said "This book is a must read for anyone interested in helping children develop the way they were created to develop. I am a different parent because of this book. I will be making different educational choices... Read more →

Are you ready for International Darwin Day this Tuesday 12th February? "International Darwin Day will inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin. It will be a day of celebration, activism, and international cooperation for the advancement of science, education, and human well-being." International Darwin Day. We've been reading Charles... Read more →

Caspar and Otis' school is also a boarding school so it doesn't technically close for a snow day. But our driveway was full of snow and rather than walk to school we decided to stay home. It was only the third or fourth time we've actually seen snow falling and we soaked up every minute. Otto was amazed and delighted!! Last time it snowed he was only a few months... Read more →

There are a lot of really good board books for Montessori toddlers. But right now, with Otto at 16 months, there are two series that really stand out for me! If you have a toddler there is a good chance you have one of these books in your home. If you are a new parent or looking for a gift for a toddler, you can't go wrong with these. At... Read more →

I was going to give an update on Otto's bedroom - to show how he has grown into the space. But then I realised I only had photographs of half of the room. But this pretty much is it, out of picture he has a wardrobe, his weaning table and chair and his ball tracker. He has a lot of his toys and materials in our living area downstairs but... Read more →

While visiting Isle of Wight over the weekend I found this gorgeous book, If I Were A Whale. It has all the things I love in children's books, it is rhyming, has beautiful realistic illustrations, it's factual and it's just wonderful. It is perfect for toddlers, the language is simple but it is also educational, it actually tells you a little about each kind of whale. It's the best board... Read more →

"There is something intrinsically inviting and soothing about the form of kokedama, through the juxtaposition of its controlled and wild aspects. It is a manifestation of wabi-sabi, or the Japanse art of finding beauty in imperfection." - Hanging Kokedama. Kokedama = moss ball. It is a Japanese form of bonsai. The plant is potted in a ball of bonsai soil and peat moss, then wrapped in moss. The moss is... Read more →