This morning I visited the Montessori Parent Child Class at I Am Montessori (Brisbane, Australia). I loved it! I love Montessori toddler environments and I love Parent Child classes! Parent Child Classes provide parents with the opportunity to see, possibly for the first time, a genuine Montessori environment. They serve as parent education, parents (and caregivers) can talk to Montessori educators, talk with other Montessori parents and also get many... Read more →

My kids are always starving after school. They love nothing more than coming home and having snack. The boys also love chocolate milk which is a reason I really wanted to try these new (just launched) superfood powders for kids. They are made by a local, Queensland company so I knew I had to share them. Mavella Superfoods provided us with their superfood powders to try. Above the boys are... Read more →

"When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength." - Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child. There is something to be said about salt water therapy and spending time in nature. Last weekend we drove to Byron Bay. I didn't mention it to the boys before we left but at this time of year, it is a well-known spot for whale watching!! The boys were so surprised... Read more →

We don't always take toys to the beach. The water and the sand are often enough. Enough for the kids to explore, swim and run around. However, there are times when we are meeting with friends and family or going to be there all day when a few toys can be useful, especially for the little ones. recently asked if we would like to try out some Green Toys.... Read more →

Today we went to the Dinosaur Discovery exhibit at the Queensland Museum! Have you been? It was so good. We have been to dinosaur exhibits like this before, you know the type, with life size dinosaur models that move and roar in their natural looking habitat settings. But this time was different. This time my kids were a little bit older with a bit more knowledge and a strong desire... Read more →

The boys are finally on school holidays! Over the weekend we went to the Out of the Box Festival, which is a huge arts festival in Brisbane for children 8 years and under. There are very few art festivals specifically for children this young. I love these words from the Festival Director Brett Howe: "This is a festival of little experts and big communities, of bold productions and intimate encounters... Read more →

I recently read there is no causative link between screen time (yay!) and myopia however time spent outdoors has been found to be a protective factor. Have you seen this see-through classroom in China - they bring more light into the classroom to combat the myopia epidemic. At school both of my children can work outdoors if they like, they have an outdoor classroom which is a bit of a... Read more →

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to preview a wonderful school holiday activity! It involved ice-cream, chocolate and delicious smoothies! Throughout the school holidays, Cowch have organised a fun experience for kids to go behind the scenes, creating their own smoothies and naked pops. The Kids Cowch Experience is heaps of fun and is also very delicious (you can book here). Cowch is a Dessert and Cocktail Bar located... Read more →

Today we are collaborating with eat South Bank to introduce you to our favourite, family-friendly places to eat at South Bank (Brisbane) and to share with you their fabulous Mother's Day promotion. The prize is valued at $450 and includes vouches to our favourite places!! It's a great prize, you can read more about our day out at South Bank here and enter the competition here. We LOVE to visit... Read more →

Just a short note before I sign off for the week. The boys are on school holidays and I love the freedom of roaming the city with no where to be. Today we visited a wonderful children's book store. You can see Otis above reading in the tree house. We left with a pile of books for endless school holiday reading. On the way home we stopped in for some... Read more →

Over the weekend we went to Reverse Garbage which is a huge recycling/repurposing centre. When we first moved to Brisbane it was high on my list of places to visit, it's awesome. My kids love creating with recyclables. This visit we did something different. I called ahead and requested a barrel of collage and construction materials. I told them the age of my children and they packed the materials based... Read more →

Over the weekend the world experienced tragic events that have touched us all. My thoughts are with those who have been impacted directly. On Saturday we went to a children's drop in art centre. We are slowly exploring this city. The art centre was the most fabulous place (with the most fabulous art teachers!). I loved to observe how the teachers interact with the children. They really guide the children... Read more →

Previously I have interviewed Caspar my seven year old about school and Montessori. I thought it would be fun to interview Otis. It has been much more insightful than I had expected! On Friday after school I asked Otis some questions. How was school today? What work did you do? Good. I did metal insets and I had a lesson on something that is really tricky. You need a blindfold... Read more →

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha are on our way home from school. It is the perfect place to drop in on or to visit as we did yesterday, on the weekend. I am so in love with this place, it's magical. We haven't explored as much of Brisbane as I would have liked. I do so much solo parenting and tend to stick within my comfort zone. However,... Read more →

Last year we moved from Canberra to Brisbane. We moved due to my husband's work however he grew up in Queensland (although he's not familiar with Brisbane) and would probably consider himself a Queenslander. At the start of this year (2015) Caspar (7yrs) and Otis (then 3yrs) started at their new school. We home schooled the last term of last year to ease the transition to a new location. Late... Read more →