Today I felt privileged to watch my five-year-old practice his cursive handwriting. During our parent-child session at school, Otis (above) showed us his lovely looping style as he repetitively wrote out some phonograms. I loved his focus. I love that he goes to a school that still believes in cursive. I really wanted to write about how important it is and I've decided to republish this slightly edited article written... Read more →

My friend Meghan (a Montessori teacher and parent) wrote this article that I want to share with you. It's about how to help your child develop a love of reading. The article is for young children for infants to toddlers, I couldn't help but to add a picture of Otis (now 5yrs) enjoying reading in his little book corner. I hope you enjoy, these ten tips are fantastic and a... Read more →

Image credit Nienhuis In Montessori classrooms the world over teachers debate the merits of teaching cursive handwriting first to the children in their environments. In non-Montessori settings the discussion is a moot point, as most traditional schools have phased out the teaching of cursive entirely and have either adopted a ball and stick print, or a blend known as italics. But many parents are not aware that cursive handwriting is... Read more →

Do you have questions that you would like to ask a Montessori teacher? I always have lots of questions. I often ask them at parent teacher interviews or at parent education nights. Today I've asked Meghan Hicks a question I've had on my mind for a few weeks (by the way Otis doesn't turn three until April). Not only is Meghan Montessori trained she has extensive experience in Montessori schools... Read more →

I receive many questions about sleep. However I've never felt comfortable writing about it. I'm not sure my answers will help other than to reassure you that all children and all parents are different. Here are my answers to my top six most asked questions about sleep. 1. We currently co-sleep with our 4-6 month old. Any suggestions on how to transition them in their own room and onto the... Read more →