Today we needed fresh air and space to run around. Space where we could run and run and not bother anyone. Even if it meant getting wet. Since moving to Canberra I have wanted a picture of the above sculpture and today I got it! The National Arboretum is a place you must visit (even if it's just a drive through) if you find yourself in Canberra. The views are amazing. Did we get wet? Yes, absolutely! Later in the day I shared this story with Caspar. Did I cry? Yes. It is a very strong and moving story about... Read more →

I'm always on the look out for fun and interesting things to do and see with the kids. While eating at Deeks with my sister (yes that's Robert de Castella's) (good food by the way, especially if you have any allergies or intolerances) we picked up a copy of Oscar's Lunchbox. With school starting next week it's the perfect time to start talking about lunchbox ideas. Caspar doesn't have any food allergies or intolerances but children at his school do. This book is a perfect conversation starter. Oh this book is so sweet, little Oscar is sensitive about his food... Read more →

Malcolm is a well known and respected member of our Montessori community. But unlike many of us he is at the end of his Montessori journey. His youngest daughter Leah has recently graduated from our local Montessori school and will next year commence her first year at Canberra Girls' Grammar School. I thought I would ask Malcolm a few questions and find what is at the heart of his dedication to Montessori education. Can you tell us about how you were first introduced to Montessori and what your thoughts were at the time? As a youngish father, I was 35... Read more →

After writing about buying and eating local foods I began to think seriously about other products that we consume. In what other areas could we 'do better'? Straight away I was brought back to my post about breakages where I wrote of our desire to use real natural (breakable) materials in our home including drinkware and crockery. I was reminded of a comment left by a reader who supports her local artists by using locally produced pottery. Why weren't we doing this? The bowl which broke in that post was imported from the U.S. I love U.S producers but it... Read more →

I mentioned in my post about meal planning that I feel like I am maturing as a mother. I feel like I have meal planning under control and I really feel like this makes me a better parent. More organised, calmer at meal time and of course it helps Caspar with meal time too. It's required a change in thinking on my part not only to plan the meals but over the past few months we've also tried to buy organic and/or local and less from the supermarket. Not to blow the budget this has occurred gradually as we have... Read more →

We found this wonderful bike park today. We didn't actually find it, it was recommended to us by a friend. Some places are only found through word of mouth. I would have never know this was here. It's perfect for young and old. This area is fenced and also has a playground which is perfect if you're trying to manage more than one child. I love this little service station. Caspar needs so much more practice on his bike. He never used a balance bike and is still on training wheels. I'm wondering if a balance bike would have made... Read more →

If ever I am in doubt about the quality of education my child receives I just need to visit the school. I'm impressed every-time. Yesterday I attended a child parent session and loved every minute. Why I love our Montessori school: As soon as Caspar enters his class he transforms into a more serene, mature and confident child. Every material he could want is available to him. I love looking around his class, into every tray. It doesn't matter if he uses a material once or once a day, I appreciate that he has the opportunity to experience, touch, explore... Read more →

In my mind you are never too young for a little political immersion. And learning about democracy is so important isn't it. We love visiting this place. It's so big and powerful. I think it's beautiful too. This large flag tower sits on the roof top. I can't imagine trying to describe this place to Caspar, it's wonderful he can experience it himself. He can see and feel it. The grandeur! It's Parliament House. Yes, the Parliament of Australia sits here. In the Senate. And in the House of Representatives. It's steeped in history and the view is spectacular. The... Read more →

I didn't know how to approach art appreciation at home. The traditional activities we tried felt a little forced and contrived. So I'm on the look out for fresh and fun art appreciation activities and the ones we find the most successful I'll share with you. Caspar has been to the National Gallery many times and our National Portrait Gallery is sensational. However he generally gets bored and is unresponsive. Today we visited the Sculpture Garden. Caspar didn't want to go even though he had never been before. Once we got there his eyes lit up. This is a wonderful... Read more →

I promise some Montessori posts soon. Otis has some new materials that I can't wait to show you. First to our amazing (but late) summer. Perfect blue sky. Everything on the BBQ. Fresh sand for the sand pit. His first sand experience. Love that sand. No reason to go indoors really. Read more →

I think nature tables are more of a Waldorf than a Montessori tradition. However I do like the idea of bringing in and observing some of nature. We don't usually have a nature table but as Canberra does Autumn so well we put together a nature tray. Caspar collects and brings home from school the little seed pods in the white dish. He is definitely in the sensitive period for small things. Our car and his pockets are full of them! Spring is my absolute favourite season but I do love to see the leaves change in Autumn. Read more →