Do you remember the little book that Sara, Angie and I wrote a while ago? "This is a very thoughtful and well-planned book that provides a clear path to help your child achieve independence in the kitchen with confidence. I've seen in my own son the desire to be helpful and the pride he has when he's allowed to do these tasks for himself. I found Cotner and D'Alton's suggestions useful and easy-to-implement and they've inspired me to take the time to allow my son to help more in the kitchen." - Blogcritics "There's a new parenting/cookbook (my favorite combo!)... Read more →

I would like to introduce our latest sponsor Beginning Montessori. Beginning Montessori produces high quality Montessori materials for infants and toddlers. What do we think of Beginning Montessori? You only need to read through the archives... Otis was only nine weeks old when he started to use the Bell Rattle. At three months he was using the Ball Cylinder, Bell Cylinder and the Primary Colours Mobile. At four months he started using the Interlocking Discs. He was still using the Bell Cylinder at five months when Learning to Crawl. At eight months he was introduced to the Progressive Ring Stacker... Read more →

Did I tell you I had a suprise? Not only is the Montessori Shop giving away a kids kitchen pack they are also giving away a copy of Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler! This is a great giveaway. To be in the running leave a comment giving me your best tip for cooking with children. My best tip? Do it often, everyday if possible! This great giveaway includes; Montessori Madness book, 500ml pitcher, 250ml pitcher, child sized dustpan set in blue (this set is made in Germany and is great quality) and a child sized apron (handmade), rolling pin, tongs,... Read more →

To celebrate the arrival of our new book Kids in the Kitchen I have teamed up with my sponsors to host some child sized kitchen item giveaways. Just in case you missed it Kids in the Kitchen is now available internationally here. In the book we discuss setting up your kitchen for your child and the importance of child sized items. Child sized items including utensils are beneficial as they can help your child master a skill much earlier. Utensils designed for children are easier for them to use and to coordinate. However do not let the lack of child... Read more →

I recently wrote a review of the book Learning Together by Kathi Hughes and now it's time for a giveaway. I actually have two books to giveaway but more on that later. The question I am asked most frequently is "I'm new to Montessori, I feel overwhelmed, where do I start?". Usually I respond with some discussion about following the child and independence and always end with some website and book suggestions. I always suggest Learning Together. It's about living the Montessori way and takes a whole-of-child approach. I think even non-Montessori parents would enjoy it because of it's intentional... Read more →

I have mentioned the Montessori Shop here before. Vicki based in New Zealand spreads her Montessori goodness around the world. I have mentioned her lovely range of sandpaper letters and other language materials. Of course I am naturally drawn towards the infant/toddler materials. Vicki is offering a wonderful giveaway but first she tells us a little about herself, her family and her Montessori Shop. My name is Vicki Rowe and I am the owner of the Montessori Shop. My husband, Braden and I have 3 beautiful and awesome Montessori children, Julia (11), Jack (10) and Logan (9). We found Montessori... Read more →

I first came across Shane and Carrie's Etsy site and really liked the look of their products. They ticked all the boxes. Their items are handmade, non-toxic and developmentally appropriate. Most importantly Carrie is Montessori trained. Not only does she know the products she also knows the theory behind them. I liked them so much I placed an order and Otis has used almost every one of their items since. I have already ordered this Progressive Ring Stacker and it will soon be wrapped and waiting for Otis on Christmas morning. Why do I like and recommend Beginning Montessori? This... Read more →

Meghan is one of the key Montessori people in my life. I initially purchased our Munari and Octahedron mobiles from her but it wasn't until I read her blog At Home with Montessori that my whole world changed. I never knew there was so much information about Montessori and infants. Meghan's blog and business focus on Montessori in the home with children from 0 to 3. If you have a child in this age group or are planning or expecting, you must read her blog. Have a look and you'll know what I am talking about. One of the great... Read more →

Our second Christmas 2011 Giveaway is from Montessori Child. Montessori Child is a lovely company that stocks a carefully selected range of materials for the home environment. I really like their Practical Life section as it always gives me ideas for activities to do with Caspar. This is on our Christmas list for Otis. It is perfect for the child once they start pulling up and cruising. Amy and her husband Steve have only recently taken over the company and I think you will like their story. Amy's tells us a little about herself and her path to Montessori Child.... Read more →

Occasionally on this blog I am asked about sponsorship. I love my white-space and this is not something I am willing to give up just yet. However I thought there would be a way that I can promote some of my favourite Montessori companies and give back to the readers that visit here as well. How about some giveaways? In the lead up to Christmas and in the spirit of giving over November and December we will be hosting some wonderful, delightful giveaways of Montessori related products for infants and toddlers. The first giveaway starts today and is from the... Read more →