I've never met a toddler that doesn't love a little spray bottle!! Mini spray bottles are fabulous for developing hand strength and can be used for lots of practical life activities. Needs some ideas? Mini spray bottles can be used in the home for toddlers and preschoolers for: Care of Self Activities spraying hair, to smooth it in the mornings or to add a leave-in conditioner. cooking, spray water on... Read more →

What are the first threading/lacing materials you use at home or in your classroom? Perhaps threading beads? With Otis we used pasta (penne) and cotton reels but with Otto, I noted that it was easier if the items where much thinner. Otto's first threading activity was using the wood pieces pictured above. 1. Wooden Disks - completely natural, handmade by a small business. I love the texture too. If you... Read more →

Often we can create Montessori style activities using materials we already have in our home. This one is super simple but really engaging. If I want to create a new activity for Otto I will think about what he likes doing and have a look around the house to see what I can find. Otto is currently loving his open close tray so why not add an activity which involves... Read more →

In our home we use brushes everyday. We use them for scrubbing, brushing and general cleaning! Why not offer your child the opportunity to clean alongside you or perhaps give the child their own brushes for their own work? It's an easy way to introduce five minutes of Montessori into your day! There are many child-size brushes available and they can make a difference, they are easier for the child... Read more →

Montessori 'Action' or 'Command' Card are really easy to use at home. They are simple to make; they can be hand-written or printed. They can be adapted to your child's level of reading, from simple consonant-vowel-consonant words to complex phrases. Otis is still learning some of his phonograms, and he knows some sight words (such as 'the'), so I know I can mix up the cards and include some that... Read more →

OK, this is a really easy one. Ready? Do you have a magnifying glass? Good! Go and get it and put it in a basket with a few interesting things. Got it? Perhaps in a basket (or a tray) with some fabric scraps, wool, cotton or silk. Perhaps in a basket with some shells, flowers from the garden or leaves or seedpods. Perhaps in a basket with a few vegetables... Read more →

Introducing tongs to a child as young as eighteen months is a great way to build hand strength, develop fine (finger, hand) and gross motor (arm, shoulder) skills, build coordination and provide an opportunity to cross the midline. Using tongs with transfer work allows the child through repitition to develop focus and concentration! All of these tongs (pictured above) are from Amazon or Montessori Services. Although I recommend having a... Read more →

Today we tried some taste testing and it was so much fun I thought I would share it with you here. This is almost a five minute Montessori activity, it's really easy to set up with just a few pieces of fruit and a blindfold. With this blindfold taste test we only used foods the boys like. Otis had no idea what he was about to eat. He uses his... Read more →

Matching, identifying and naming herbs! This is one of my all time favourite activities and it's perfect to do at home where herbs may be abundant. Our garden has some of these herbs which Otis can identify immediately. However there are a few here he isn't so familiar with. Otis is in the sensitive period for language and using the cards is a great way to introduce the written language... Read more →

Once I found the right sized box this activity took me less than five minutes to make. A cardboard box with two holes (for the chid's arms) = Montessori Mystery Box. This is a fun game that depending on the child can last anywhere from five to fifty minutes. The idea is to isolate the child's sense of touch. They can identify objects by touch only. We like to play... Read more →

In my last order from Karla I asked her to pop in a set of folding cloths for Otis. I didn't use them with Caspar (although he would have had access to them at school) and I really wish I did. I think I've mentioned previously that Otis has a tendency to rush his work, while enjoying the task he is quick to finish and move onto the next thing.... Read more →

This is a fun activity for children who enjoy water play. It's great for fine motor skills, hand/finger strength and coordination. It's also really simple to set up at home. We call this the Crocodile Game. Otis and his small metal tongs (from this pack) are the crocodile "snap" "snap" eating the sponge/fish (if you were really clever you could cut the sponge into fish shapes!). It's really just a... Read more →

I need to find some more locks to make this more challenging for Otis. He loves it and it can take him a while to get the key in and turn it. A simple lock and key activity. Less than five minutes to prepare if you have some spare locks in your home. Otis thrives on activities like this, an activity which will capture his attention and requires concentration. Concentration... Read more →