I've been looking for some fresh and inexpensive prints for our Montessori nursery. I love having low hanging prints for the young child to be able to look at and focus on. Artwork by siblings, cards or postcards, photographs, images from calendars or even old books are all inexpensive ideas. One of my favourite framed prints (which is currently in the nursery) is a small painted farm scene I found... Read more →

. I was recently asked about early numeracy activities. While I don't feel that we do or that I put out a lot of numeracy activities it was quite easy to put together a list of five. These five really encompass the numeracy activities that we do at 27 months as part of our everyday living. These activities are as hands on as possible keeping in mind that workbook, worksheet... Read more →

Last week we travelled to my sisters wedding. It was so beautiful. While travelling we used store bought baby food resulting in left over baby food jars. Naturally I wanted to reuse as many as possible. Here are some of the ways we are reusing baby food jars in our home. 1. Christmas decorations I featured these in the previous post Handmade Christmas decorations. A little glue, a little glitter... Read more →

Otis is six months old today!! I am happy to have made it through what I consider to be the toughest time and today I wanted to reflect and share some short cuts that I used (some I still use) to get through. 1. Slow cooker I purchased this slow cooker when Otis was a couple of weeks old. When my first son was born it didn't matter if we... Read more →

Five Things - Sources of Montessori Materials - Australia

This is the list I wish I had three years ago. With no Michael Olaf, no Montessori Services, where do we go for our Montessori materials? Today's five things are sources of Montessori materials that we have used and can recommend. 1. At Home with Montessori - Materials for children from birth to three years. 2. Montessori Child - I really like their practical life section. 3. A2Z Montessori Australia... Read more →

I am a little late with my Five Things post. I actually had another topic in mind but I got distracted thinking about weaning, so I might post two Five Things this week. Today's five things - reasons to read to your baby. With Caspar (now three) I knew reading to him as a baby was important. I didn't know why. Now with Otis, my second child, I am much... Read more →

There is a lot to admire. There is also a lot that parents like myself can learn from teachers. Here are the things I admire most about Montessori teachers. 1. Patience Do I need to say anymore? Oh the patience that must be required to work with so many little children. To deal with their parents too! I am not a patient person but I am working on it. 2.... Read more →

Five Montessori quotes about love and the child. They are powerful and inspiring. Surprisingly Montessori wrote and spoke about love a lot. You will need to read each quote slowly to appreciate it. Love is more than the electricity which lightens our darkness, more than the etheric waves that transmit our voices across space, more than any of the energies that man has discovered and learned to use. Of all... Read more →

I purchased these tokens just after Caspar was born. At the time I didn't know exactly what we would do with them but I knew they would be useful. Over the last three years we have used them in so many ways. Here are a few of our favourite activities using coloured tokens. 1. Money box An oldie but a goodie. Caspar used this from 12 months. It's made from... Read more →

Because some days we just need a little quiet and calm. Five things for this week are five quiet and clean indoor activities for Caspar. 1. Puzzles Puzzles are great for children of any age. One thing I now know is not to ask the shop assistant for help when choosing puzzles. Puzzles vary so much in skill level required, the only person who can choose the right puzzle for... Read more →

This week my five things are reasons why we chose Montessori as a parenting method. Yes I am now calling Montessori a parenting method. Really Montessori just isn't about educating but about living and yes parenting. 1. Montessori inspires me Do I need to write anymore? After all I have read I want to read more. After all I have done I want to do more. She inspires me to... Read more →

Five Things - Sources of Montessori Information

This week my five things are sources of Montessori information. 1. Blogs I love blogs and read so many of them. They are great places for ideas, inspiration and motivation. However if you are new to Montessori keep in mind that blogs are just web logs and not ever the best source of accurate Montessori information. What DID we do all day? has a comprehensive list of Montessori blogs. Also... Read more →

These are our five favourite things for bathtime fun. 1. Boats We have both sail boats and paddle boats. It would be great to have a race. With the paddle boats you wind the paddle which is held in place with a rubber band, and let go. 2. Water pump This requires a little strength and a little coordination. Just pump the handle and water comes out the spout. 3.... Read more →

When we first started implementing Montessori principles in our home we really focused on the physical things, furniture, materials etc. It was only after time that I began to pick up on some of the other concepts of Montessori such as peace, respect and true love for the child. Here are my top five ways of introducing Montessori concepts into your home without spending a cent. "The child builds his... Read more →

I know that cooking is a fun activity and there are so many ways your child can participate. But today my five things don't include cooking and are activities with food that are fun, quick, easy and not too messy. 1. Cutting shapes Cutting big shapes with cheese is easy and little shapes with carrot is more difficult. These carrot shapes would look so cute through a small salad. 2.... Read more →