Floriade, our month long celebration of Spring has started and we couldn't be happier. Each year we visit Floriade frequently, entry is free during the day and there is so much for the children to do and see. Floriade - we love you! . . . My photograph on Instagram was taken from the top of this Ferris Wheel. I was trying really hard to stay calm, I'm not good with heights! . . So many ideas for the home garden! We stayed clear of the celebrities but we would like to go back to meet Costa. He is such... Read more →

We only need one warm day and we are outside weeding, digging and planting. We only stopped for ice-cream, a trip to the plant nursery and school pick up. Spring is three days away and the sun is shining again. Otis has new gardening tools to break in and a butterfly garden to plant. When he returned home from school Caspar chose to plant sunflower seeds. Lots of sunflower seeds, scattered through our garden beds. To surprise his dad he said. . Otis like most toddlers I believe, loves to garden. He loves to harvest his crop including carrots and... Read more →

Happy Australia Day! Late in the afternoon while everyone else was resting Caspar and I entered the kitchen to make a Bird Seed Garland. He had a blast making this. We used this recipe I found by following a couple of links. It's a good recipe because it uses basic ingredients. We only used half the recipe because we didn't need to make so much. It looked so good Caspar wanted to eat it! We pressed the mixture into small muffin tins and to speed up the drying process placed them in a warm oven. We strung them onto embroidery... Read more →