Today I want to share with you some wonderful personalised Montessori inspired materials for the home, and perhaps some for the classroom from Benedykt and Sylvester. Personalised materials with the child's name on them are fantastic for letter and name recognition, and for making the child feel extra special! Some of my favourite products include: Personalised Solid Acacia Wood Children's Place Mat - we have this and love it, it's durable and easy to wipe clean. Personalised Set of 6 Wooden Children’s Paint Brushes - perfect stocking stuffers or as gifts to friends and family. (I've just ordered these for... Read more →

The days are getting shorter and colder and with the holidays just around the corner I've been looking for educational toys and games that my children can play with together. I've found a couple of gems! Our number one favourite right now is this giant road. It is versatile and toddler friendly! Perfect for my puzzle lovers. All of these games can be adapted to how your child or toddler like to play them. So we can use a lotto game as a simple matching game. We often don't take turns and it's not competitive. We can also store and... Read more →

Blocks are fantastic open ended materials. They are investment pieces that can last a lifetime. Many blocks will appeal to a wide range of children starting from toddlerhood. Our block corner is one of the most popular areas of our home, especially during play dates. Today I'm sharing the blocks that we are currently using. The larger blocks are kept in our block corner but some of the smaller sets are in baskets on shelves in our play area or in our children's bedrooms. 1. Grimm's Coloured Rainbow Geo-Blocks Classic Wooden Set - 30 pieces. This is one of my... Read more →

I love when December rolls around and I can spend time picking out little gifts for my children's Christmas stockings. It's not something that can be rushed. I will collect little bits and pieces right up until Christmas Eve. Some items are simple, Otis (7yrs) has asked for Tic Tacs. Caspar (11yrs) is hard to buy for but there are a few items here which I've picked out with him in mind. This list is influenced not only by my parenting style but also by my children's interests. I have included lots of links but my aim is to provide... Read more →

At nine months Otto is pulling up on his Pikler Arch. He sometimes steps up to the first rail and today I noticed he put one foot up to the second rail. It takes time, he is experimenting, he is testing and challenging himself! The Pikler Arch provides a fantastic opportunity to meet his developmental needs in a safe and supervised way. How we use the arch: Always supervise. I wouldn't put this in the child's bedroom. We have it in his movement/play area, next to our living area which is always supervised. Have it on or near a soft... Read more →

I've been thinking about gift ideas for Montessori children around five to six years old. Most of my ideas end up being STEM related. This list is naturally influenced by my own children, what they have loved over the last few years and the toys they still hope to receive. Children of this age are often inquisitive, wanting to learn more about the world (and universe) and finding out how things work, often they like to make and create with their hands. For many Montessori families, this is an appropriate age to introduce technology and many children love early coding... Read more →

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13. I remember reading, perhaps in The Absorbent Mind, that Maria Montessori suggested children only need two toys at home, a basket of wooden blocks and a special bear or doll. Over the years I've seen the value and witnessed the benefits of having blocks in the home. We've been fortunate to have a few different block sets so I thought I would share some of our favorites with you. These make lovely, wholesome, practical gifts... Read more →

You know we love beautiful art supplies. We also love art supplies that support our children's development. Both of my children have at times struggled with their pencil grip. Did you know that Crayon Rocks help children develop the correct tripod grip? Unlike other tools, Crayon Rocks are not complicated, all you need to do is give the child the crayon and the crayon does the rest! We recently received some Crayon Rocks to try (c/o Crayon Rocks) and Otis has barely stopped using them. He has never been a huge fan of crayons but these are really different. The... Read more →

Here are some of the most gorgeous and Montessori family friendly Christmas puzzles! It's all about stacking, sorting, sequencing, patterns, and finding order! All of these puzzles would work beautifully in a tray or on a child's work shelves. I really love the natural timber puzzles. Don't forget about nesting dolls, they make wonderful decorations and children love to stack, sort and put them away. The age ranges are a guide only. For Children 2 to 3 Years 1. Wooden Christmas Tree Puzzle. The beauty of this puzzle is in it's simplicity. 2. Chunky Wooden Christmas Puzzle. 3. Christmas Blocks.... Read more →

When looking for Christmas gift ideas it's easy to think all the good toys come from overseas. These gift ideas do not include Montessori materials but they are suitable for the Montessori child and they are all made by Australian companies. I have tried to include as many small businesses and handmade goods as possible while also highlighting some of our favourite Australian products! Many of these stores ship overseas too. 1. Little backpacks perfect for independent Montessori children by Bagbini (international shipping available). 2. Playdough and accessories at Happy Hands Happy Heart (we love this playdough, the texture and... Read more →

I have started looking around for Christmas gifts for my chlildren. I came across this awesome junior labyrinth (for Otis 5yrs) and it got me thinking about other, similar toys. I am sure these are great for building concentration, developing hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. They would also be fun to use with family or friends. Many of these would be well suited to a Montessori environment, gross motor area or toddler area! I love this quote from MontessoriReStore. "The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into... Read more →