Etsy is one of the best places to find Montessori infant materials. The materials are handmade often by those who have studied Montessori. I've found some really beautiful Montessori rattles, some of these have been designed specifically for Montessori environments while other are just really lovely rattles made from natural materials. 1. Bell Rattle (sold in a newborn pack) at Beginning Montessori. Small and light enough for a young child to grasp, recommended as a first rattle. 2. Cube Rattle at Wooden Caterpillar. 3. Bell Cylinder at Beginning Montessori. 4. Wooden Baby Rattle at Essential Montessori. 5. Black and White... Read more →

Are you expecting a baby or setting up a Montessori infant room? Here are a few ideas and suggestions for the environment for a 3-6-month-old child. The Child The child is in the period of the absorbent mind. They are absorbing and getting impressions from everything in their environment. We want their room to be ordered, to be clean, safe and beautiful. The child is beginning to do intentional and coordinated work with their hands and possibly hand to hand transfer. They are observing their hands coming together. Reaching out and grasping is a big part of their work. They... Read more →

1. Hochet disques liés Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 2. Ensemble de 3 matériels d'emboîtement, 3. Boîte de notion de permanence de l'objet, 4. Banc à marteler Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 5. Jeu trio de disques à encastrer Ateliers Montessori Oxybul, 6. 3 puzzles botaniques, 7. 3 puzzles d'animaux vertébrés, 8. Coffret Montessori Mes lettres et mes chiffres, 9. Mallette des lettres mobiles,10. Mes chiffres Montessori. I also love this Butterfly mobile with black and white art cards. You know I love Montessori materials - the way they are made, so purposeful and beautiful. While I don't feel it's necessary to have teal... Read more →

When I mention Montessori items, I'm thinking Montessori in the home, not for homeschooling but for living. Not necessarily Montessori designed materials but materials and toys a Montessori family might find useful and enjoy! If you are in the U.S, this post is for you! These are all Amazon affiliate links. Items the same as stocked in How we Montessori Shop. Children of the World 48 Piece Floor Puzzle by Melissa and Doug (pictured above) Pound and Roll Tower by Melissa and Doug Pop-Up Toy by Galt Cherry Chomper Strawberry Slicer Basic Crinkle Cutter Crinkle Cutter with Black Handle Mini... Read more →

Shelling peas. . Peeling and segmenting a mandarin fruit. After being shown this by his teacher Otis has been asking to do it at home. . . . Cutting cheese with a cleaver. The cleaver isn't very sharp, sharp enough to cut the cheese with pressure. . . Our slicer is being used for everything; eggs, strawberries, cheese and mushrooms! The mushrooms need to be fresh and placed this way up, otherwise they are too tough to cut through. , Mashing. . . Whisking. . . Mixing. You can see what Caspar and Otis are making here. School holidays =... Read more →

Have you ever made a Montessori Puzzle Ball? I would say it's for intermediate sewers and I'm definitely a beginner. But I gave it a shot anyway. There are a couple of things I love about this ball. The way the it is formed so it is easy for the child to grasp, pick up and hold. The way it draws your attention and attracts the eye. It's obviously chewable and because you can make it yourself you know exactly what is in it. I made this one from green and natural linen and put a medium sized bell in... Read more →

When choosing materials for our new baby the interlocking dics were high on my list. Why? Well they are so uniquely Montessori, I wanted to give them a try. I had not seen them used before and didn't know anyone who had used them. This certainly isn't the kind of material you find in your local baby shop. I presented the interlocking to discs to Otis when he was around three months old. He was grasping lots of things but stuggled with the discs. The things he liked to grasp were items he could get his fingers all the way... Read more →

I didn't see it coming so I found myself a little underprepared. Although he was chewing on everything, everything! His favourite things to chew included fingers (his and mine), clothes (usually mine) and the strap on his Ergo carrier. Unfortunately some of the items I had purchased which said they were good for teething, those made of wood, have been an unattractive chewing option for Otis. So as you might know I have been asking around. What do you give your baby to chew on? I couldn't find a lot of Montessori information but I wanted to stick to natural... Read more →

Too young for a treasure basket? I don't think so. A treasure basket provides the perfect opportunity to introduce some new items, new smells, new textures, new weights and new ways of holding things. Including items made from natural materials provides a gentle way of stimulating a baby's senses. His first treasure basket contains: a small hand dyed silk an organic woollen ball (it has a small bell inside) an infant's hairbrush I love to watch his expression not only when he sees but feels something for the first time. Read more →

He can pick up the ball cylinder and give it a shake. He can bring his hands together, touch the bell then hold it with one hand. He can pick up, hold the bell cylinder then pass it from hand to hand. He can take his bell rattle and give it a shake (and be so pleased with his own efforts). It's amazing how fast they develop at this age. I'm having trouble keeping up! Read more →

We started using the bell rattle when Otis was two months old. Now he is starting to put things in his mouth it is time to move onto other grasping materials. The interlocking discs are the most interesting looking of materials. They are designed to encourage the child to rotate their wrists and pass the discs from one hand to the other. Being made from natural materials these will take a bit of chewing when it comes teething time. Today at 15 weeks I noticed Otis bringing his hands together for the first time. It's his latest thing. He did... Read more →

How often do we give our children inappropriate materials. In reality it probably doesn't do too much harm, but it doesn't do any good either. Beginning Montessori state 'Most rattles are so big they look like a bar bell when offered to an infant' and I think they are right. Otis is still little (9 weeks) and this sweet little bell rattle fits perfectly in his hands. It is seriously the sweetest 'toy' for an infant and so, so simple. It is the only hand material that he is using (the others in the above picture are a little big... Read more →

I admit to sometimes feeling insecure about my Montessori knowledge. It is for this reason I have stayed away from many specific Montessori materials. I always thought that you needed formal training to know how to use them or to know how to present them to your child. While I am sure this is true for many materials, I have been tempted by the lure of Etsy to try some Montessori toys and mobiles for our new baby (due April 2011). So far we have collected the Gobbi mobile (pictured above) Bell on a ribbon Interlocking discs all from Goose... Read more →