We started using the bell rattle when Otis was two months old. Now he is starting to put things in his mouth it is time to move onto other grasping materials. The interlocking discs are the most interesting looking of materials. They are designed to encourage the child to rotate their wrists and pass the discs from one hand to the other. Being made from natural materials these will take a bit of chewing when it comes teething time. Today at 15 weeks I noticed Otis bringing his hands together for the first time. It's his latest thing. He did... Read more →

How often do we give our children inappropriate materials. In reality it probably doesn't do too much harm, but it doesn't do any good either. Beginning Montessori state 'Most rattles are so big they look like a bar bell when offered to an infant' and I think they are right. Otis is still little (9 weeks) and this sweet little bell rattle fits perfectly in his hands. It is seriously the sweetest 'toy' for an infant and so, so simple. It is the only hand material that he is using (the others in the above picture are a little big... Read more →

I admit to sometimes feeling insecure about my Montessori knowledge. It is for this reason I have stayed away from many specific Montessori materials. I always thought that you needed formal training to know how to use them or to know how to present them to your child. While I am sure this is true for many materials, I have been tempted by the lure of Etsy to try some Montessori toys and mobiles for our new baby (due April 2011). So far we have collected the Gobbi mobile (pictured above) Bell on a ribbon Interlocking discs all from Goose... Read more →