Image: This Little Nook Is there anyone here that doesn't love looking at Montessori bedrooms? What I love most about these rooms is the approach that each family has taken. You can't buy Montessori out of a catalogue, it looks different and unique in every home. All of these rooms are practical and all of these are really beautiful. Pictured above is a Montessori Baby Room with Lorena Canals at This Little Nook. This room has so many small touches to take in. Image: Wondermamas Above and below is a Montessori Inspired Toddler Bedroom at Wondermamas. I love the neutral... Read more →

Have you seen some of the children's spaces at Tanglewood Hollow? I've long admired Allyson's homeschool and Montessori influenced spaces. In particular, I'm finding inspiration from the way Allyson uses bunting and flags. Not only do they add colour and are a focal point, but they are also so, so beautiful. I've recently ordered some garden creature bunting from Etsy and I'm thinking of using it in Otto's bedroom. Here are some of the other Montessori, Waldorf and nature inspired flags and bunting that I'm loving: Our World Fabric Bunting. Bless this Garden Prayer Flags. Garden Herbs Flag. Green Prayer... Read more →

Montessori Home (Bedroom and Playroom) Inspiration

Today I'm sharing a few Montessori spaces that I have found fresh and inspiring. A lot of Montesori inspired spaces we see online are bursting with toys and are overwhelming, I hope you find some calm and simplicity in these. Isn't this little activity table and child size sofa amazing? "Montessori inspired Children’s adjustable activity desk and chair set with our gorgeous double kids armchairs in the background! These incredible tables are designed to be adjusted as your child grows, meaning they can be used for many years." "The children's room apart from covering their needs can also connect with... Read more →

Have you seen the new Kitchen Helper at Sprout? It allows young children to safely and independently reach the kitchen counter or sink. One thing I love about the Sprout team is that they do a huge amount of consultation. When designing their Montessori (and Montessori inspired) furniture, they work with Montessori teachers and parents and work and work until the design passes all the tests and meets all the requirements. Which why I think you'll like this design. There are a couple of other reasons why I'll always have a really good look at Sprout furniture. It's made by... Read more →

PERFECT Montessori Baby Spaces!!

I've been helping a local family set up their Montessori baby room (just giving some gentle guidance). I found it easier to show them with pictures rather than tell them with words about the Montessori aspects of the room. It makes sense when you can see what the room might look like. My general advice was: Stay flexible - once the baby is born you may want to change things around. A baby play space doesn't have to be in the bedroom - it might work well to have a play space (movement mat/mirror/mobiles/shelving) in a living area. Use what... Read more →

Where will you find people most passionate about Montessori? You will find them in schools but you will also find them running Montessori stores! All of the people that I know that run Montessori stores are so, so passionate but many are also highly trained and experienced in Montessori. Here are my top five Montessori Shop Blogs and Newsletters. A couple of these haven't been recently updated, but don't let that put you off, these articles are timeless and priceless! Michael Olaf. They also have a ton of information here. Susan Mayclin Stephenson is the author and you will not... Read more →

Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful Montessori family from Nothern Ireland. Ted was a Montessori child, then a Montessori teacher and now a Montessori Mum! I've never met someone with such strong links to the Montessori philosophy. Ted has two children, a toddler and an infant, and she is hilarious, possibly the funniest Mum I know! So it's a given that I want to share her story and experiences with you. Can you introduce yourself, your family and share a little about where you live? HI, I’m Ted! Wife to Fred and mum to Alfie (July 2016)... Read more →

Montessori Home and School - Garden Ideas

I know for a lot of people the weather is getting cooler and it might not be gardening weather, but in Australia, it is currently spring! So I'm thinking about pretty gardens and how to bring more greenery into our home. Here are a few Montessori school and home ideas that are simply beautiful. "Nestled between the two renovated homes that house classrooms, the Montessori at Mulberry has created a gorgeous garden space its preschool kids want to work, eat and learn in constantly. Details like tiny colorful watering cans, chalk art, a rain barrel, colorful vines and accessible raised... Read more →

Today we are visiting a family in Denmark. There are a few things that make this family special. One of them is language, as a family, they speak four different languages. But what stands out to me is the respect they show their daughter. I hope you enjoy meeting Magda and taking a look around her Montessori home. Can you introduce yourself, your family and a little about where you live? My name is Magda and I come from Poland. My husband Julius comes from Nigeria. Our daughter was born in Denmark in August 2017. 4 months ago we moved... Read more →

Luci is Romanian, and I am Australian, but we are more alike than we are different. It's not where you live or what is on your shelves that makes you a Montessori parent, it's what is in your heart. It's the deep love and respect for the child. Today I am sharing with you a special Montessori family from Romania. Can you introduce yourself, your family and a little about where you live? Well, I am Luci from Bucharest, Romania where I live along with my family. I have two wonderful children, a girl aged almost 9 years old and... Read more →

It's been a long time since I've run an interview series. Today I'm sharing the start of new series which gives us a peek into Montessori homes around the world. I hope you enjoy it! Today we start with Jae Jun in Atlanta, Georgia. Can you introduce yourself, your family and a tells us a little about where you live? I’m Jae Jun, and my business is Bella’s Casa – a learning community for parents as well as an Etsy store selling handmade Montessori materials for infants and young children. I created Bella’s Casa as a resource for all parents... Read more →

Six new videos to help you to learn more about Montessori.

There are a lot of videos made about Montessori. Most of them are not useful or relevant. I have pulled out six videos, all made in 2018, about Montessori at home or at school, that I feel are authentic and useful to Montessori parents. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. 1. A tour of a Montessori toddler classroom in Amsterdam by Simone from the Montessori Notebook. Parents can learn a lot from the toddler classroom, the materials, layout, the activities and how to present them. If you have a toddler (or an infant who will soon... Read more →

Montessori Weaning Around the World - ideas and words from Montessori Parents and Guides.

Because Montessori looks different in every home! Today I'm sharing lots of advice, ideas and pictures of Montessori weaning tables and place settings from around the world. These are from parents and Montessori trained guides. "This Montessori inspired placemat has been a great success so far. He can set the table himself and most importantly, he knows where each item goes while eating/drinking creating more order." - Ruchi (Parent). "In today’s session I showed this little guy how to cut up watermelon, juice an orange and taught him how to set the table. He was so proud of himself!" -... Read more →

Fresh Montessori Shelf and Activity Ideas - Infant and Toddler

Who doesn't love a good Montessori shelfie? There is always lots of new ideas to be found when taking a peek into other people's homes. Here are a few Montessori infant and toddler shelves full of interesting materials. The above-pictured shelves are for a 10 month old, which is useful as my youngest is now nine months, it's good to look ahead. This family is based in the UK. These are shelves for a one-year-old. The thing that I take away from these shelves is that all the materials add something, they are all purposeful, there is nothing superfluous -... Read more →

Today I want to share my top five Montessori home and room tours. I've found all of these useful and they have all impacted my parenting and our home environments. These tours help to explain how the rooms work, how they are laid out, it's not just about the materials. 1. Lisa Mahar (from Kid O) at the New York Social Diary. This is an old article but it has stayed with me over the years. Those cute little beds have influenced the beds I have wanted for my children and I've constantly referenced the playroom and how well organised... Read more →