As soon as my children could walk they were able to get and in some small way to begin with - prepare their own snack. My children generally don't over-eat. After school is the time they are most interested in snacking. If I see the kids continually getting food out of the fridge or cupboard before dinner I will say something but this usually isn't a problem. If you are... Read more →

Usually when Otis cooks he works up at the kitchen bench (we use the Fun Pod). While this is fine I like to occasionally move everything down to his level. Working at a child sized table means he can move around a lot more and often works for extended periods of time. Today Otis cooked the Mini Berry Pancakes from this fabulous cook book. He needed a lot of verbal... Read more →

To brighten things up a little we decided to print on some of our plain napkins. A bit like our Inside Outside Fruit prints! . We've had these fabric paints for years and they are worth the initial investment. It's not that they are terribly expensive but if you want them in lots of colours it adds up. With our Inside Outside Fruit we used paint stamps because it's important... Read more →

As with most parents, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I would not call myself a good cook but I'm finally getting the courage to experiment. I've made banana bread everyday this week and everyday I've included something different, something extra to keep it interesting. I also try to keep my baking nut free, just in case there is any left over for Caspar's lunchbox. This is... Read more →

Ok, you know it's not snowing here. But true to European tradition snow reminds us of Christmas. Today while being rushed by last minute packing, wrapping and craziness, Otis and I made some Christmas Snow Cakes. The recipe was sent to me by Renata; - grated/shredded coconut - sugar - 2 egg whites Whip the egg whites to snow then lightly pour in the sugar and grated coconut. Make the... Read more →

Today was the first day of our summer school holidays. It was nice to have both children at home with me. It was nice to have Caspar cook lunch. If I were to write another kids cook book it would definitely include Fried Rice. It's easy for kids to cook. Caspar has it very easy, most of the time I prepare the ingredients while he gets started. Eggs (cooking above),... Read more →

I'm constantly looking for meal and snack ideas for my children. Food they will both eat. Nicole at Planning with Kids always has plenty of ideas for quintessential Australian meals. To be honest I rarely use a recipe. I'm really looking for recipe ideas, flavour combinations, especially ideas using ingredients I have on hand or left-overs. Mini fritattas are great as the only things that are essential are eggs and... Read more →