It feels like an inappropriate time to be blogging. The senseless war in Ukraine, the loss of life and the loss of personal security is unfathomable. It can be difficult to know how to help. Today we are donating to the UNHCR Ukraine appeal. Please leave a link, especially if you have personal experience of agencies we can support in and around Ukraine. I found this article useful Talking to Kids About Hard Things by Emily Oster. For many people, Etsy shops are their only source of income. Marina from Wooden Toys for You in Kyiv (we love their Continent... Read more →

Today I want to share with you the most beautiful Montessori toddler classroom I've ever seen. When I first entered this room I was overcome with emotion, it is just that striking. The natural timber furniture, the huge windows full of green, and the bright colourful materials are breathtaking. Before you take a look around I need to tell you there is something special about this environment. This is a Montessori Parent-Toddler Classroom that has RIE and Pikler influences. Director of the Parent Toddler and Nido program at Cameragal Montessori School, Peta Gibson has an AMI Assistants to Infancy (0-3)... Read more →

Do you want to see some really beautiful Montessori spaces? Here are a few Montessori homes and classrooms that have caught my eye. These spaces are not attainable for me and for many others simply due to space restrictions. I find all of these spaces refreshing and insightful, I can see the love and attention to detail that has gone into each of these homes and classrooms. These are all spaces for young children, from infancy to around preschool age. This a peek into a Montessori early learning centre in Germany. It's interesting to see the range of materials here.... Read more →

Are you attending any toddler or preschooler classes right now? This term Otto and I have been attending a Montessori parent toddler class. It's been wonderful to soak in all the Montessori knowledge and wisdom from those around us. The class is very different from pre-pandemic days. Today was our first day at an Australian Forest School (here they call it Bush Kinder). This class is different to our UK Forest School (which I miss so much) and has also adapted to pandemic restrictions, which is much easier to do outdoors! We are incredibly fortunate that for the rest of... Read more →

A dedicated reading area in your home, classroom or toddler community is a great way to support young readers. It can also provide a moment of respite from the busy home or classroom. It can be a quiet space, a comfortable space. A space where the child can come to catch their breath and gather their thoughts, perhaps regroup, perhaps even lose themselves in the pages of a good book. Here are some inspiring reading areas from various Montessori environments that I'm sure you'll love! Simplicity is key here (isn't it always)! Simple shelf and mattress with a few cushions.... Read more →

Image: Minime Design What is your favourite part of Montessori parenting or teaching? Of course I love working and spending time with my children but I also enjoy designing Montessori inspired spaces. Over the last few years I've dabbled with helping friends work out some of their spaces. But in the new year I hope to do a lot more of it!! I can see the impact good Montessori design can have on children and their ability to move, to learn and, to create. If you are in Sydney need help putting together your child/ren's spaces in 2020 let me... Read more →

Montessori Sewing Ideas for the Home and Classroom - Toddler to Primary

Today I put together Otto's (25 months) first sewing tray. It's wonderful to see him use it. Before I made his sewing tray I looked for a few ideas and inspiration. Here are some fabulous ideas for toddlers to primary. Above is an adorable sewing kit from Etsy. The colour coordination is perfect. This set is designed for primary age children. Details here. I'm loving the handmade protective cases for the needles and scissors. This set is by the same supplier. Again the colour coordination is lovely. Details here. These sets include buttons, beads, an assortment of sewing cards, Aida... Read more →

How was your week? We are getting ready for the older children to go back to school on Wednesday. I love that they have a short week on their first week back. While I enjoy the holidays I am looking forward to getting back to a good routine. Here are a few fantastic links that I've been reading this week: This print is gorgeous - I'm looking for one similar! This is a really good idea!! A Montessori Makeover for the Melissa and Doug See and Spell Word Puzzle at Kindling Kids Montessori. This playroom is lovely, it's colourful and... Read more →

I recently discovered this absolutely gorgeous photobook about unconventional schools. It's an amazing book, it's ground-breaking. I've never seen a book like it. If you are passionate about schooling or unconventional methods of education you might like it too! Let's Do This is a photo book with nearly 300 images of six unconventional schools from around the world. Featuring schools from Bali, San Diego, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and, California. Touching subjects like; Making Movement, Nature Schools, Engaging Education, Project-Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning. This book is visually stunning, I had chills reading it, it will take your breath away!!! "What... Read more →

My older two children were in Montessori schooling until we left Australia in 2018. When we arrived in the UK Caspar went into Year 5 and Otis went into Year 2, into a mainstream (but private) school. Until this time they had only known Montessori schooling. I had only been a parent at Montessori schools. The change from Montessori schooling to mainstream schooling made me realise that the Montessori approach is gender-neutral and mainstream schooling often isn't. It was a huge shock when I found out that even in Year 2 the boys and girls do different sports and have... Read more →

Have you ever thought about starting up your own Montessori playgroup? I have! It would be so much fun but also a lot of work, where do you start? Simone from the Montessori Notebook has developed an online boot camp to help parents and teachers start their own playgroups providing a ton of support and resources. The boot camp is a two-week intensive online workshop that will help participants set up a Montessori playgroup, step-by-step. Simone is one of my favourite Montessorians, she is the author of The Montessori Toddler but most of all she is super friendly, relatable, approachable... Read more →

This morning I took a couple of pictures of Otto cooking eggs. At 20 months he is able to crack the eggs into a bowl, I will fish out any eggshells, he can add some herbs and pour the egg onto the hot plate. He can stir the eggs but needs help spooning the eggs in to a bowl before he sets the table and eats the eggs. There is no need for him to be a bystander and watch me cook. We tidy up together. We will make pancakes on the hotplate once he is able to flip with... Read more →

Pikler Triangles in Amazing Montessori Classrooms

Have you noticed the trend in the last couple of years to have Pikler Triangles in Montessori spaces? I find them in home and school environments, usually in parent toddler classrooms. Have you ever wondered how they are integrated or used in the classroom? Here are a few classrooms that I adore, that include a Pikler Triangle. Above is at Little Hands Montessori in Sydney, Australia. I would love to tour this classroom someday! Pamela Green's Ananda Montessori in Pennsylvania, USA. Jacaranda Tree Montessori by The Montessori Notebook in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fantastic rock climbing wall too! I believe this is... Read more →

This month Otto will be eighteen months old. At the same age, both Caspar and Otis started at the local Montessori School attending a Parent-Toddler Class. Our first Montessori Parent-Toddler Class was life-changing, for the first time I could see and connect with a genuine Montessori environment, Montessori teachers and parents. I feel disappointed that Otto will not have the same experience. So what can you do if you can't get to a Montessori Parent-Toddler Class? Here are a few things I'll be doing: Don't replicate a Montessori classroom at home. It would be easy to think if we can't... Read more →

Image credit: My Arka Design. Montessori Kindergarten, Beijing. Have you ever seen a Montessori space that takes your breath away? I have a few links here that might do just that! I hope you enjoy these Montessori and related articles: A new Montessori school in China - this is breathtakingly beautiful - so fresh and light. Found via Cuteandkids. Michels Nursery at 3.5 Years at MontiMinis - this room is so, absolutely, crazy cute, I adore it!! If you love Montessori spaces you must check it out! The Prepared Environment at Creciendo con Montessori (English here). Louis' new playroom at... Read more →