Choosing which cloth nappies to use was one of the first 'fun' decisions I've been able to make regarding our new baby. I have enjoyed researching the options, I have agonized in the decision-making process, and I am happy with the choices I have made so far. I wanted the most efficient nappy system; cost efficient, energy efficient and as natural as possible. For the newborn stage, I've decided to... Read more →

Each pregnancy gives the parents the opportunity to review their lifestyle and try to improve it in order to help the new family member in the best possible way. - Understanding the Human Being. This quote that I referenced last week really resonated with me. Late last year I experienced a miscarriage and it really knocked my confidence. It made me reassess everything. One of the many things I reassessed... Read more →

Is a Montessori pregnancy different to any other pregnancy? I don't think so, there is not a lot that we do differently to other mindful parents. I have, however, been scouring my Montessori resources on tips or anything that might be useful during pregnancy. Here are a few quotes that I found insightful and interesting. On pregnancy: Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting: Become emotionally and physically prepared for pregnancy... Read more →

Today I've been looking at floor rugs and clearing out my office to make space for our Montessori nursery. I'm really enjoying the process. Here are six accounts to follow on Instagram that have ideas and gorgeous pictures of Montessori newborn and infant environments! Some of these have very little ones and some are still expecting so keep an eye on their accounts in the months to come! Nimo (mininimoo)... Read more →

I am almost half way through this pregnancy and it's time to start thinking about making some preparations at home. I've only bought one baby blanket and have only a few treasures from when Otis was an infant including a couple of mobiles and grasping materials. So we are really starting anew! I've made a list of the newborn essentials we need, just for the newborn phase. I'll start with... Read more →

Image source: Belle + Beau I've written a lot about the Montessori floor bed and I get asked this question via email, so perhaps it's time to discuss and get your ideas! Where does a Montessori newborn sleep? Caspar (my first child) slept in a crib until he was around six months old then he transitioned to a floor bed. When he was born I didn't know anything about Montessori,... Read more →

We would love to have another child so Montessori infant rooms are still very much on my mind. If you are preparing for the birth of a baby or setting up an infant room here are a few ideas and suggestions. The Child The child is in the Symbiotic Period (the first 6-8 weeks). The child spends most of their time feeding or sleeping and for me, the focus of... Read more →

This week we were blessed by the birth of Otis. He is beautiful and healthy. We couldn't be happier and it feels like we are living a dream. I am constantly trying to bring myself back to reality but it may take some time. The birth went smoothly and although not the family event that I had planned it was really empowering. It feels like Otis has been with us... Read more →

I haven't thought about breastfeeding during this pregnancy, until today. What was I thinking? The baby is due! I decided I needed a refresher and so I got out my three favourite resources (pictured above). They are all produced by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. They are simply in book, booklet and card format. I really want something on hand in those early hours/days when I am trying to get the... Read more →

Look what arrived at our doorstep this morning... the chair, not the bear! This is the closest I could reasonably find to the child's first chair/weaning chair. We are in Australia and unfortunately we do not have a Michael Olaf here. Which could be why I was excited, it takes research, thinking and a little time waiting for furniture like this. This is the Cube Chair and is hand crafted... Read more →

The baby is due any day now and this could be one of the last pictures of just us three together. Before three becomes four. I feel amazing. The morning sickness has finally stopped (yes, morning sickness right through to 39 weeks!!), I have this overwhelming feeling of confidence, wellbeing and contentment. The world is a positive place right now. I feel warm, comfortable and at home. I know that... Read more →

I try not to move around our furniture too often. I know that for a young child moving furniture around can be unsettling, especially when it is in their bedroom. So I gave this A LOT of thought. I spoke to almost every Montessori person I know. I emailed, I checked out blogs and read books. I absorbed every piece of advice I received, could our children share rooms or... Read more →

Montessori and birth

As you may know, I am currently pregnant. I am trying to rest as much as possible but honestly it is hard to feel really comfortable. I haven't been sleeping well - this baby is a real kicker and the Braxton Hicks contractions occur every night. What I have been doing late into the night is reading. Naturally I have been reading a lot of Montessori. I had no idea... Read more →

I am learning as I go, but here are my top ten tips for preparing your toddler for the birth of a new baby. 1. Find age appropriate literature - I spent about an hour in the bookstore choosing this book (pictured above). There are a lot of books out there on this topic. Books are a good conversation starter and if you find one that is appropriate for your... Read more →

What intrigues people about the floor bed? What mystery does it hold? I never understood why people were so surprised or confused about it. In our home it was almost like people didn't know what to say. I wonder what they were thinking... does the child sleep here, on the floor, can't they afford a crib, a cot? When new people came to our home I found myself trying to... Read more →