The boys' cousin will be visiting this month (and staying for Christmas!!). I really want to make him feel welcome but most of all I want to provide him with the opportunity to work and play with developmentally appropriate toys (in a developmentally appropriate environment) while staying with us. Toddlers can often feel unsettled when out of their routine and home environment and possibly frustrated when the environment doesn't match... Read more →

Composting is one of those things - just like healthy eating, physical activity and recycling, it is one of those things where we need to set a really good example. Where a lesson just isn't good enough. These are things we need to live and children need to experience through everyday life. It is about doing, making it a habit and a part of the way we live. We had... Read more →

Montessori wrote of children needing only a few toys (as opposed to materials) and blocks (along with a special doll or bear) was what she suggested. Most educators support the use of blocks by children. Montessori went further and developed blocks as materials for her schools (I'm thinking pink tower, brown stairs). As I watch my children play with blocks they balance different shapes on top of each other, each... Read more →